“Less Jus’ Defun’ Da Po-Po”

In the face of rampant crime and such, one gas station owner has had enough:

“They are forcing us to hire the security, high-level security, state level. We are tired of this nonsense: robbery, drug trafficking, hanging around, gangs,” Patel said.

The guards he hired wear Kevlar vests and train regularly, maintaining firearm proficiency.

Prior to hiring the guards, Patel’s car was vandalized and an ATM was stolen from his gas station.

Best part:

But FOX News notes Patel’s observation that crimes – including loitering – ended once he hired security.

I bet they did.

If the cops can’t or won’t enforce the law, then it’s up to us ordinary folk to push them aside and take law enforcement back into our own hands.

The only people who would object to this action (other than the criminals) are government flunkies and hoplophobes.


  1. Funny how the liberal district attorneys and liberal police chiefs don’t stop and don’t scare criminals.

    However, Americans exercising their 2nd amendment rights stops the bullshit immediately.

    I saw a bumper sticker and a t shirt – they read “the 2nd amendment, America’s original homeland security”

    Truer words have never been spoken or written.

  2. Criminals do not fear the police, the prosecutors, judges, corrections officers or other criminals in prison so if we want them to stop committing crimes, they must learn to fear the armed citizen. Make crime very dangerous with very little chance of reward to the criminal and they will stop.

    I believe the late Jeff Cooper shared that wisdom decades ago and it is still very true today.


  3. Sort of like that old story of the Chicago ex pat who claimed his last job there was being a waist gunner on a beer truck.

    1. I don’t know about beer trucks, but in Prohibition-era Detroit, a liquor smuggler definitely needed some gunners. It was perfectly legal to drive across the river and buy out a Canadian liquor store – until you crossed back to the American side. Often that was handled with bribed guards and/or a good hiding place in your vehicle, but the easiest (but not the safest) method was to wait until Lake St. Clair (upstream from Detroit) froze over good and hard and drive across it. There was way too much shoreline for the t-men to patrol, so smugglers generally worried more about breaking through the ice than getting caught.

      But many gangsters tried a cheaper and easier way: wait for someone else to get the goods across the border, then hijack them. So the smugglers hired armed guards and went in convoys, and the hijackers filled several large fast cars with gunmen and tried to ambush the smugglers. Sometimes two convoys would race through Detroit streets with guns blazing at each other – and this was when anyone could buy a Thompson submachine gun or a BAR, no ID or paperwork required.

  4. As it’s been said: police do not exist to protect the public from the criminals.
    They exist to protect the criminals from the public.

    If the State, as doing its part in the social contract, does not reasonably act to protect people and property and do justice, the citizens will do it themselves. Generally, that’s a less preferable option, as the normal rights we take for granted – freedom from reasonable search, due process and trial procedures, and limitations on cruel or unusual punishment, for example – can quickly go out the window when the citizens do self-help justice. Pray it does not, on a wide-spread basis, come to that.

    But it’s always out there, if necessary.

    1. freedom from UNreasonable search – sorry. Though what is “unreasonable” is a debatable point. Won a motion to suppress this morning, BTW – another blow stuck for liberty!

  5. Leftists love theft. They absolutely love it. Soltzhenihtsen (sp) wrote that regular thieves that made it to the Gulag were comparatively well treated as they were considered un-perfected communists.

    You being able to put a stop to this shit endangers the leftist utopian dream. So the next time some fuck-up decides to shoot up a gay bar, get ready to hear how guns are an especial threat to the lgbtqstfu crowd and need to be eliminated.

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