Okay, we all know that Shania Twain is a Total Hotty.

But ii shames me to admit that although I know who she is, I wouldn’t be able to hum or even name any of her most popular songs, even if you held a gun to my head.

Of course, I’m not exactly in her target market, musically speaking.  (Or in any other way, come to think of it.)


  1. Was in a stereo store in about 1992 and saw a music video of her on a display and was knocked the fuk out. Never heard of her before and I’m not much into CW music. But I stood there and watched the whole thing and she was on my mind for the rest of the day. This one:

  2. Another hottie like Shania Twain that gets better with age is Jennifer Tilly. She is 64 and as hot as ever.
    Her boyfriend is 50. Lucky fucker gets a hot cougar.

  3. Total smoke show, in the parlance of today’s yutes. And you probably know at least one of her songs; the sax-heavy opening riff of “Feel Like a Woman” will make you snap your fingers and say “Oh yeah, that one!”

  4. I was under the impression she was rather full of herself.
    I guess Mutt Lange ( her former Hubby) has the same impression.

  5. She’s hot AF, but you’re not missing much in terms of her music. Whenever one of her songs comes on the jukebox in a bar, it’s guaranteed that the fattest chick in the bar will yell, “THAT’S MY SONG!”

  6. Chick country never did anything much for me. But she’s a total looker. She has some character flaws like being vegetarian. So she’s more of arm candy than a long-term ride from my perspective.

    Assuming she goes for pudgy-middle-aged-nobodies-with-a-decent-but-unspectacular-job.

  7. Three kids and their several cousins – m & f – rode in the back of the Suburban for three hours all belting out “Feels Like A Woman”.

    So I know that one.

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