1. That looks like an M1 carbine, which originally came with a 15 round magazine. Then they issued the M2 select-fire version with the banana-shaped 30-round magazine, and eventually the Army decided to buy only the banana mag.

      This was a pretty good shooter at close range, but with a low energy round the range was quite limited and head shots were recommended because it could not reliably penetrate heavy clothing.

      I can’t identify the first two rifles. There’s no bayonet lug, so they’re probably civilian.

      1. Original WW2 issue M1’s came without a bayonet lug, same with the Para (folding stock) model. After the war, all M1’s underwent a “factory refit” giving them a bayonet lug, and the improved rear sight with windage adjustment.

        The Ferrari 330-GTC is a fairly great, all-around motorcar that can top 150, and has more than enough power, braking, and handling, to get you into trouble – the question is: Do you have the skill to get yourself out of trouble? I had one and drove one, for 40-years, and either had enough smarts to stay out of trouble, or enough skill to recover when I found myself in trouble. YMMV!

        The guitar player: Now, that’s pure trouble.

  1. Our sympathies on the flu, we wrapped up the Rona (1st officially tested one) just before Thanksgiving.

    Hammered dog shit for 2 weeks and a couple more to feel “normal” again, no thanks.

    Your boob pic postings helped though.

  2. I hope you feel better soon. Chicken soup, ibuprofen might help.

    more guns and ladies please.


  3. The M-1 Carbine was to replace the pistols carried by those who were not actually riflemen and it was more powerful than a .357 magnum pistol. Not a bad short range weapon and very easy to shoot at short range in most conditions. However as an infantry weapon in Frozen Korea shot out Commies wearing heavy cold weather gear attacking in huge numbers it was not near as good as the good old M-1 Garand. I have one of those Korea era Carbines with the bayonet lug that my granddaughter used to shoot when she was 12 years old and she was good with it, a great beginner’s gun and deadly in the right places when a decent real rifle might be better. The M-1 carbine is really a pistol with a nice stock and easy to shoot and hit the bad guy, a most excellent gun to have within reach for a home invasion.

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