There’s A Smell In The Air

…and no, it’s not the smell of cooking vegan burgers:

Britons are turning away from meat with a majority backing subsidies for plant-based alternatives, according to the RSPCA.

New figures suggest a revolution in eating habits for a nation that was previously defined by its love of roast beef and a fry-ups, with their bacon, sausages and eggs.

A study sponsored by the animal charity found 58 per cent have taken steps to eliminate or reduce their own meat consumption.

Uh huh.  I bet the study was taken in Islington, among people seen leaving vegetarian and vegan restaurants, and duh!  it’s coming from the RSPCA, hardly an unbiased organization.

That smell?  Ah yes:  it’s non-vegan bullshit.

All this, among actual data showing that vegan (i.e. fake meat) food-producing companies are in financial difficulties if not going out of business altogether, ditto vegan restaurants and so on.

But if you repeat the lie often enough, it becomes the truth.  [cf. climate change, Josef Goebbels]



  1. There are expressed and revealed preferences. I want to look saintly so I’ll say of course I don’t want to kill poor little cowsie-wowsies for food but back at the ranch I’m still there in supermarket aisle 14 checking out this week’s specials on rump and T-bone. British meat consumption hasn’t dropped more than what could be expected from the latest round of COVID-inspired crazy price increases.

  2. “Plant-based” – bullshit marketing jive enabling the gullible to virtue signal their commitment to nutrition. Things that are plant-based: sugar, flour, vegetable oils, kids’ cereals, tobacco, Jack Daniels, cocaine, heroin…

  3. Have I “taken steps to reduce my meat consumption.” Now that you ask. Yes, I have. Have you been to the supermarket lately? I no longer order the big Prime Rib when we go out to eat, But I’m also not as active as I was 20 years ago either, so I don’t need as many calories.

    Notice that they didn’t ask if people have increased their consumption of “Vegan food”. Mine has remained the same as before at zero.

    All “studies” that you hear about are completely compromised. Who’s going to promote a Study that does not agree with whatever they want to promote.

    And besides everything I eat is “Plant Based”. Animals eat other animals that eat plants. I’m an ominvore that eats other animals and plants.

  4. Meat is good. And it’s good for you. People who are against meat, aka usually the party of science forget that there is something called the food chain.

    Also. Non meat products are highly processed probably more so than any meat products.

    Nonetheless, I could never be vegetarian myself, I enjoy meat. But I can at least wrap my head around the handful of people
    Who don’t eat meat. Their choice. Not one I would make.

    Veganism however, ie where you don’t even eat products from animals, eggs milk etc. veganism is a mental disorder. Vegans need serious therapy. They are not mentally well.

    As a side note. A few years back I went to a fast food chain and they had a “taste test”. Buy a meat burger get a plant based burger free. Never again. I had the screaming shits for a few days. I don’t know what the fuck was in that processed bullshit. I won’t be making that mistake again.

    1. “…Vegans need serious therapy. They are not mentally well…”

      And, if they continue, they will not be physically well, either.

    1. Venison >> beef. Beef is good too though (and pork, chicken, fish, etc. Variety is good and important in its own right.)

    1. I have seen healthy looking vegetarians. It is stupid but one can get enough nutrients and protein from eggs, dairy, etc. to be healthy if one works the diet correctly.

      There is no such thing as a healthy vegan though. We don’t process plant protein well and many nutrients we need are only found in animal products. Reference the vegan blogger who recently died of malnutrition.

    2. I remember all those Orange robed Hari Chrisna Vegan People of the 70’s. What ever happen to those people? They all looked pretty sickly then. Guess it didn’t work out too well.

      1. The Apostates are healthy, if you can get any of them to admit they were ever Hare Krishna.

  5. On a tangential subject – I have seen you post pictures like the next to last one several times.. I believe that its a tomahawk steak? If so, double good because the name will probably be politically offensive to some , triple good if eaten under a Redskins banner at a tailgate party (if you are in to that sort of thing). Does anyone else miss watching the Cowboys and indians (Redskins) battle it out on Thanksgiving? But I digress.

    What I started to say is to the best of my recollection, I have never had one! I know, a startling admission from the grandson of a Texas farmer, but we always got our meat from him the way God intended – wrapped in white butcher paper and steaks that were round! Perhaps the frugal old man kept the best cuts deep in the freezer for himself or its also possible my Dad kept those hidden away for himself. To the point, does anyone have any clues as to the best way to cook one? I’ve looked at them online and drooled over them at the meat counter, so I know they are expensive. Thus, I want to make sure I wouldn’t screw them up.

    Note that for now, any hints would have to be for the outdoor grill or smoker. We had a minor flood (leak from a fridge), that caused our kitchen to be dismantled, so no range, oven, or kitchen sink for the next few months while the insurance company reassembles it (hopefully). Fortunately we have a microwave or we would starve. Yes, I am craving real and actual cooked food right now that doesn’t come from a plastic wrapper or a restaurant. Don’t even get me started on what I have been eating for breakfast.

    1. Steaks are best grilled over a hot charcoal fire. Watch the steaks carefully, you don’t want to over-cook them. I like mine so rare that a good vet could bring them back to life!

    2. Ha! I grew up eating nothing but round steak, broiled in an oven, with a few potatoes and carrots, cooked past well done and into shoe leather territory. It wasn’t till I was a grown adult that I had a proper steak grilled to medium rare. Never again will I eat “well done” on purpose.

      As for the Tomahawk, the price alone scares me. Like others, my beef consumption has decreased due to soaring costs, with chicken and pork stepping up to cover the gaps in my meal plan. That said, iffin I was to try one, it’d be on a propane grill where it’s easier to control temp. Given the thickness, I’d probably go 450 F, 5 minutes a side, be sure and oil the grill to enhance the grill marks on the steak, and then check internal temp with a meat thermometer. Definitely get a meat thermometer, they’re cheap enough and good insurance against a bad steak. Internal should be around 135 F or so for medium rare. If it ain’t there after 5 minutes per side, go 1 or 2 minutes per side and re-check. Use an actual timer, not the old-fashioned drink a beer then flip method.

      I don’t claim to be the best steak griller, that’s just my method after many years of trying. Thinner steaks only go 3 minutes per side before checking. Season with just sea salt, pepper and maybe garlic, depending. No need to get fancy, the steak alone should be good enough.

  6. If people are eating less meat, it’s because of the price, not their choice. Time to grill – ribeyes.

  7. I am an organic vegan and eat only plant based meats because I ignore all the chemicals used to make it.

  8. The other night we had T Bones with twice baked or cheesed potatoes with a fine sharp Vermont cheddar and green beans. mmm mmm good.

    There is a place on earth for all of God’s creatures and the right place for most of them is on my plate next to the potatoes.


    PS When the apocalypse comes, Vegans are the closest thing we have to grass fed cattle.

  9. Have you noticed that even though they’re vegans, they want to eat stuff that tastes “just like meat”?

    1. Exactly! If it’s so good to be vegan, why go to all that effort to make vegeburgers look and taste like hamburger? Why grill Portobello mushrooms that wind up not looking or tasting like grilled portobello mushrooms? I thought the foundation of healthy eating was to eat everything in moderation and avoid ingredients that sound like compounds derived in an oil refinery.

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