Easy Fix

just not in Britishland:

Giant rats the size of ‘small dogs’ have turned a street in Glasgow into a no-go zone for refuse workers.

Film has emerged of rodents running down children’s slides, scampering across lawns, feasting from bins and getting into fights with seagulls.

Chris Mitchell, GMB convenor for Glasgow’s cleansing workers [garbage men — K.] said some staff had needed hospital treatment after being bitten or scratched by rats in other areas of the city. Vermin infestations in Glasgow rose by 31 per cent from 2021 to 2022, with 10,323 reports.

Am I the only one who gets an itch in the index finger when reading about this stuff?

The way I see it, there are two decent options, both in .22 LR:

…loaded with .22 shot shells, as indicated.  Or, if you want to keep things quiet:

Of course, because the above rat problem is in Britishland, neither of the above is possible because stupid Brit gun laws.

That said, if the rats are getting into fights with seagulls (a.k.a. winged rats), there’s at least some entertainment value to be had, before whacking both.


  1. Not a huge fan of Smith and Wesson but the 4 inch stainless model 617 10 shot 22 LR revolver is a damn fine gun.

  2. If you get the Smith, make sure it has the stainless cylinder, not the aluminum. We’ve had some issues with empty cases sticking in the aluminum cylinder revolvers (I’ve got both, BTW).

    Also, isn’t Britishland the birthplace of breeding terriers, specifically for the purpose of hunting down rats? As in Rat Terriers? Jeez. Cut the little buggers loose and let them yippie little dogs earn their keep. They’ll love it! I know mine would chase anything that’d run and was relentless in his pursuit.

    Finally, there are some U-Tuub vids of people over there with pneumatic rifles (a big step above our Daisy pellet guns) tearing the living shit outta rats one (semi-) silent shot at a time.

    1. Smith and Wesson Model 617 only comes with a stainless steel cylinder. The model 617 has never offered an aluminum cylinder.
      Also, the 6 in a Smith and Wesson revolver model denotes stainless steel.

      Model 29 = blued steel

      Model 629 = stainless steel

      And remember. You still have to take care of stainless steel. Too many dumbasses tell people hey it’s stainless it will never rust.

      Stain LESS. It’s less rusty than blued steel. But take care of your guns. Wipe them down after use and handling with a cotton cloth rag.
      Oil them and make sure to keep them in good condition. Inflation has driven prices up and sometimes new guns don’t have the same quality as ones made years ago.

      1. I’m referring to the J-frame .22 revolvers, one is stainless the other aluminum. I know that’s not what he pictured above, but still. No clue to their stupid model numbers, just saying. If you’re looking for S&W .22 revolver, insist on stainless, not aluminum.

        AHA – looked it up. M63 and M317.

  3. release some Rednecks over there. Tell them the season closes in two weeks, there is no bag limit and they taste like chicken. problem would be solved very quickly


    1. Cajuns will eat anything. They probably have a seasoning recipe specific for the rats handed down from when their forebears lived in Acadia. Heck, they probably know how to cook sea gulls, which in most of the rest of the world are considered less edible than a red brick.

      1. When I lived in a suburb of New Orleans, was constantly reading about how the nutria were damaging the canals and dikes. As one solution, the city published a Nutria Cookbook. Damn! Someone was using their noggin.

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