Broken Neighborhoods

I was interested, although not surprised, to see this development:

High-end retail shops in California’s iconic Beverly Hills have reportedly begun to shutter their doors amid an epidemic of smash-and-grab robberies.

To be fair, a whole bunch of them had already closed because of California’s stringent WuFlu lockdown a couple years back.  But this latest “epidemic of smash-and-grab robberies” is absolutely the fault of the politicians and the voters who put them there.

Yup:  being soft on crime, whether allowing overt riots of the BLM genre or having the “shoplifting isn’t really a crime” mindset, can only lead to more and yet more lawlessness — something you’d think would be blindingly obvious to the dumbest of the dumb.

Clearly, Californians fall even below the above definition.

Let Beverly Hills sink — and the rest of that poxy state along with it.


  1. Why would California’s powers that be care about the small time criminals robbing and pillaging? The big criminals, politicians like Gavin NewSCUM set the example by stealing from working people for years.

    Add to that a failing power grid all the while the so called leaders tell you (force) you to buy more electric powered stuff (lawnmowers, generators, cars).

    BLM – Burglary, Larceny and Mayhem.
    Also Burglary, Looting and Mayhem.

  2. I referred to BLM as Burn Loot Mayhem and got a ban on FB for a few days or a month.

    California shows me that people refuse to learn by being told. They prefer to touch the hot stove and get hurt in order to learn that the stove is hot.


    1. The truth hurts

      The liberals and RINO’s only support tolerance if you are an echo chamber to their bullshit.

      Interesting – Enrique Tarrio – was convicted and sentenced to 22 years for his “role” in a “riot” he wasn’t even present for…

      “Tarrio was not in Washington, D.C., at the time of the riot, having been arrested by federal authorities for a separate investigation two days prior. “

  3. I don’t think that our friends who run Collectors Firearms are thinking about closing it down as a result of smash and grab robberies

  4. l, assuming this bill is passed, owning a business in California will get a lot worse.

    California Democrats have proposed Bill 553, which makes it ILLEGAL to confront or fight back against looters, burglars and shoplifters.
    You’ll be fined nearly $20K if you attempt to stop these crimes.
    It puts every business at the mercy of criminals.

    It’s being pitched as “enhancing worker safety”.
    [Removed link as it wasn’t posting]

    1. Exited CA in ’18 – do not intend to ever go back, even for a visit (native-born, ’41).

  5. Here you see a fairly good case of cognitive dissonance.
    Many, maybe most, The ‘Beverly Hillers’ and ‘Rodeo Drivers’ actually
    believe that their wealth ( or something else ) will prevent THEM from
    from being touched in any way by the behavior they are witnessing
    with their own eyes.
    No one would DARE come into Beverly Hills and steal something.
    The self delusion is breath taking and they are about to find out just
    how utterly totally WRONG they are.
    These are the same type of people who think that SOON they are
    going to have electrically powered freight trains so that they can
    FINALLY rid Cal. from dirty, stinky, ‘fossil fueled’ delivery services !
    Where’s the popcorn ?

  6. Sorry, hit enter a bit too soon.
    Yes, I know that trains are driven by electricity from generators driven
    by diesel engines.
    Was stopped for a train recently, three diesel electrics pulling over 100
    FULL gravel hauling cars and going between 40 and 50 MPH.
    I want to see the ‘battery(s)’ that can do THAT !

    1. Shouldn’t need batteries. Many trains derive power from bare overhead wires via a spring loaded arm with a contact surface at the upper end.

      The Californians have three possible sources for this electricity:
      1. Import it from out of state. The barbarians to the east can use any energy source they like (wind, solar, nuclear, fossil fuel…) to provide this electricity since it won’t sully California.
      2. Wind and solar in California. The trains will just have to slow down or stop when wind and solar are unavailable.
      3. In-state nuclear would work, but would require that most of the Californians be replaced with Frenchmen to allow it. And when you’re less technically advanced than the French…

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