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And there ya go:

A vegan woman convicted of murder in the malnutrition death of her young son was sentenced on Monday to life in prison.

Sheila O’Leary, 39, whose family followed a strict vegan diet, was convicted in June on six charges – first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter, child abuse and two counts of child neglect – in the death of Ezra O’Leary.

Her final statement:  “At least Ezra died healthy.”  </sarc>

If there were any justice, this callous bitch would be starved to death in prison.  And by the way, she looks exactly like you think she would.


  1. How can you tell when there’s a vegan at your party?

    Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.

    That shit is a cult. A cult of ignorant, science-denying freaks and easily duped morons.

    1. I have no doubt that some of those smug, self-righteous nuts would have their incisors and canine teeth removed if we reminded them that those teeth were for tearing off chunks of meat from our way-back ancestors’ prey.

  2. They are sick in the head. It’s not like that happens all at once. At some point you have to think, “Hmm…that kid doesnt’ appear to be growing properly.”

    Kids need fat and complete protein to develop. There’s no way around it. When I was in kid producing mode (I think I was on kid #1 or #2) we did a lot of research and diet – pre and post natel was super important.

    I had a vegetablist coworker at that time who became pregnant and we were discussing this very topic. After saying developing kids needed protein and fat, she showed me a bag of peanuts and said that’s where the protein would come from.


  3. Even Whole Foods- which caters to that crowd has a substantial Raw Meat counter that seems to do a lot of business at the normal inflated price point. They may pretend to be Vegan / Organic friendly, but they are not stupid.

    All this Vegan sillyness goes back to the 60’s with the hippies and the Hari Christna Cult. The females of that cult were always mal-nourished plain looking girls being led by the nose by some long haired drugged out guy in an orange robe. What ever happened to all those fools? I guess Darwin took care of it.

  4. Over the years I have learned the difference between a vegetarian and a vegan and I am still a meat eater who eats most anything short of roadkill. My daughter and her husband are vegetarians, he grew up that way all of them are deathly with healthy kids. The do eat all sorts of dairy, cheese, yogurt, milk shakes and eggs and my daughter carefully plans meals and makes sure there is a lot of healthy snack food, she say my 10 year old grandson who is catcher in baseball and good soccer player eats up to half a dozen eggs each day. She knows how to use various cooking oils with different beans and at time daughter and kids will eat some fish, when she buys bean burritos she does not ask what kind of grease/lard is in them and that is there go to food traveling on the road. At the same time some of our relatives decided to do the vegan thing four years ago and daughter told me that it is expensive and hard to make sure there is enough usable protein and it requires protein powder shakes and supplements to get a decent diet, not just eating fresh fruit and vegetables and those relatives stayed on their vegan thing for a little over a year and then we were back over at their house eating smoked brisket and pork belly because they became normal again.

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