1. “When did shish kebab become “Shushka Bob”?”

    When we started being force fed ebonics, mental illness and faggotry (some overlap).

  2. Back in the day, I lived in the DC area and had a roomate that loved to screw with people’s heads. If the weather was nice, we’d hang out on the Mall in DC to drink beer (the park service used to sell it) and watch the tourists.

    Funny thing about DC is that someone is always grinding an ax (protesting) any given day. You get immune to it. One day, the PETA nutjobs were there so my roomate starts chatting up the otherwise cute chick. Took her awhile to figure out that when he was talking about ‘taking care of the animals’ he was talking about preparing to cook them. Took a minute for her to catch on.

    That’s when he started ‘close talking’ cranking the creepy level to 11. It took everything I had to keep a sort of straight face watching this play out.

  3. I’ve told vegetarians and vegans that I’m an unrepentant and unapologetic carnivore, and if it takes killing the cow myself to get a fine steak, ground beef, etc., fine. Hand me the butcher knives, rope and a sledgehammer, Bossie’s going down! The looks I get. The grins I give them.

  4. He should have wiped his animal fat greasy fingers on her t shirt. Then maybe she would have had the cardio infarct I was hoping for.

    1. valine,
      I think that would have counted as assault and battery despite doing not real harm to the meathead.

      Vegan is an old Indian word for bad hunter.

      If you want to restrict your diet, go ahead. You don’t need anyone’s permission. You can even offer advice until it is made clear that such advice is not wanted. You do not get to yell, scream and demand others placate to your desires. There was some article about a restaurant announcing that they weren’t going to cater to the vegans or vegetarians anymore. That’s the perogative of the business owner. Every business owner decides what they want to serve. Profit plays a big part in this decision and more than one vegetarian restaurant around has said that their dishes can’t be marked up enough to make the restaurant profitable. Ron White has an observation about vegetarians, “have you ever seen a healthy vegetarian? no, never. They’re almost always gaunt and have unhealthy looking skin.”


      1. It occurs to me that although she shrilly, fanatically opposes killing animals to feed herself and others, waddya wanna bet she’s pro-abortion i.e.; killing a baby for expediency or convenience is OK?

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