Progress Perhaps

We think that we’ve gotten most of the dumpster fire under control. Although I may be arranging a drone strike or seven.

How the hell this site ended up with 86,000 registered users is beyond me… So those will be getting a bit of a purge. If you haven’t commented and your account is older than about 6 months, expect it to be caught in the gassing.

That is all.

We interrupt this program…

Kim asked me to drop a note to the effect of… “No internet until Friday at Free Market Towers”…

I am, of course, omitting his 10,000 word rant on British Telecom, but that’s neither here nor there.

Fear not… Kim will return shortly.


Update from Kim: Okay, BT installed the new cable/router/whatever, and upload/download times are MILES better than the old, smoke signal-based system. It’s not perfect, of course; we’re still at the mercy of

…so the signal sometimes gets inexplicably dropped. But I’m playing catch-up, now: see below for what happened recently on my Summer Sabbatical.