We interrupt this program…

Kim asked me to drop a note to the effect of… “No internet until Friday at Free Market Towers”…

I am, of course, omitting his 10,000 word rant on British Telecom, but that’s neither here nor there.

Fear not… Kim will return shortly.


Update from Kim: Okay, BT installed the new cable/router/whatever, and upload/download times are MILES better than the old, smoke signal-based system. It’s not perfect, of course; we’re still at the mercy of

…so the signal sometimes gets inexplicably dropped. But I’m playing catch-up, now: see below for what happened recently on my Summer Sabbatical.


  1. Does Kim have a smartphone with a hotspot and has FMT cell phone service? If so, he has internet, not super fast or cheap, but it works, as this comment proves, having been posted via a Galaxy S7 phone’s hotspot from 49.1968072,-115.2120000.

    1. Out here in the wilds of Hardy country, my cell phone coverage is even worse than the Internet connection. A text message can take 5 minutes to get through. Right now, the Internet is back — see the updated post on Lord’s below, but there’s no guarantee it will remain so.

      Fear not: I’m writing all the posts to “fill up” the missing days, and those should appear over the weekend. Here’s hoping.

  2. Watching BTSport tv on a stream at this moment
    Wolverhampton v Rye House Elite League Speedway racing
    I hear complaints about their service, can’t comment more than that, but I love their MotoGP and Speedway coverage.

    1. Wolverhampton sent Rye House packing with helmet covers in hand, using the Home Track advantage to win on points in the 13th heat, taking 3 points in the championship, then worked hard to deny the Rockets a Consolation Point. The 14th heat was marred with a Wolve’s rider going down and one of the Rockets unable to avoid him and going over the bars to have the bike hammer him, causing a slight delay while medical attended the rider. The Wolves’ rider was excluded, and the Rocket’s rider medically pulled and replaced. Even riding two to one, the Rockets couldn’t gain heat points to get close enough to obtain the Consolation Point in the Championship.
      Was a bit surprised to see one of the riders for the Rye House Rockets is actually under contract to the Wolverhampton Wolves, who lent him to the Rye House some time back to replace an injured rider. They did so because they were not planning on using him in meetings. but instead of sending him off to a lower league, lent him within the league for gaining experience.

  3. One of the best things you can say about the best vacations is that you never realized that there was no phone/cell/internet service. It simply never came up because you’re too busy living life. Enjoy your time.

  4. Looking forward to those posts. We miss your wit, Posh and Aristocratic though it may be at times.

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