Happy Easter

I know, you’re asking yourself:  “Why is this atheist wishing me well over a religious holiday?”  Silly rabbits;  we’re looking at how other people  started the Easter celebrations — which, as our trip takes us to Newcaste-On-Tyne, Britishland, means…

Train Smash Women!!! (and play this as background music for this post)

And who better to kick off the parade of unfortunate choices, regrettable mistakes and foolish behavior which characterize the species, than this creature:

Is she not magnificent?  But let me not pause the entertainment:

And last, but by no means least:

That said, their dates (when they had them) were not exactly prime beef either:

I once referred to Liverpool as Train Smash Central.  If so, they have a serious challenger for the title in Newcastle.


  1. Most of the women seem well fed, apparently no shortage of rations in old Blighty.

    1. I’m not going to lie, a couple of the more well fed ones would be more than welcome at Stately Partsgod Manor.

      Provided they weren’t drunk, of course. Some of my friends might argue that’s the only way a lady would go out with me, though.

  2. This crop of Ladies may include a Traveler or two. In any event, Lasses may not miss many a meal but I suspect it’s what they wash it down with. And the wash of choice is heavy on malt, hops and yeast. As reliably reported; “a loaf in every bottle”.

  3. I won’t say that I was never in the condition shown above – something about cheap beer and stupid 19 year olds in sailor suits. These days we spend Good Friday and Easter Sunday in church to the betterment of my soul and my liver.

  4. Not buying it old boy, that first bunny has a 5 o’clock shadow showing…………

  5. The British underclass have a very bad habit of unironically adopting and amplifying satirical stereotypes as a badge of honour.

    British comic ‘Viz’ had a strip called The Fat Slags about women in Newcastle. These women make The Fat Slags look like a public information leaflet about modesty.

    See also ‘Tim Nice-But-Dim’, ‘Loadsamoney’ and ‘Ali G’.

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