Progress Perhaps

We think that we’ve gotten most of the dumpster fire under control. Although I may be arranging a drone strike or seven.

How the hell this site ended up with 86,000 registered users is beyond me… So those will be getting a bit of a purge. If you haven’t commented and your account is older than about 6 months, expect it to be caught in the gassing.

That is all.


    1. Gassing, you say? Hold up, let me get PolkaWife to get on the train with me, she’ll enjoy the historical… Symmetry of it.

  1. Well. Good on ya. As a website operator on a WordPress platform, I’d be delighted to know the details of how you managed your success.

  2. I’m not sending money to a Nigerian Prince. I’m not extending my car warranty. I do not want solar power and I sure as hell will not be getting into any box car for a journey to re-education work camp.

    Glad to see things running better


  3. Oh Hell No! You will cancel my account when you drag it from my cold dead hands:)

    BTW, I proudly stand by my title as a Degenerate Old Geezer…..

  4. I am still alive and mostly well
    I should endeavor to comment more but I am lazy
    I Enjoy your blog, read it daily
    keep up the good work

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