Nazzo Fast, Guida

Oy.  As if Hanoi Jane hasn’t been enough of a festering pustule on society’s buttocks long enough, the tired old tart has to weigh in once again:

Left-wing actress and activist Jane Fonda suggested America “redefine vaginas as AK-47s” in response to the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

In her case, and by her own admission, her well-trodden vagina is more akin to a rusty old Brown Bess musket, but that’s not what I wanted to talk about.

As an AK owner myself, let me say that the AK rifle works perfectly as designed, seldom requires much in the way of cleaning and maintenance, can be shared among friends as often as desired, and as such is about as far from a vagina as one could imagine.

So this unwarranted slight on Mikhail Kalashnikov’s excellent device is simply off base — not that this is far from Fonda’s norm, though.

And one last thought:  a new AK-47 costs about a thousand bucks — and I’ve known many men who have paid a lot more than that, just for part-ownership of a vagina.


  1. A way for someone to get rich quickly:
    After Hanoi Jane dies, set up a kiosk near her grave and charge folks $1.00 for the privilege of pissing on her grave. I’d be the one selling beer nearby for the throngs of old Vietnam vets tanking up so they could piss some more and more on the harridans soggy resting place.

    1. Despite being much older and having a gimp leg that keeps me from standing for long periods, I’m sorely tempted to put myself in such good company.

    2. My VFW post has a supply of Hanoi Jane stickers to decorate the urinals in our bathroom.

  2. Desperately striving to fight off irrelevance, Ms Fonda drops her hot take on current issues.

    All men pay for vaginas. Even if by a ring and wedding cake.

    1. Except for that Caitlin Jenner thing – he paid twice – one of them his own 😂

      1. Certainly not an expert, and CERTAINLY don’t want photos, but I’m not positive the aforementioned Jenner, Caitlyn had their plumbing re-arranged.

  3. vaginas are legal, AK-47s are not (being fully automatic weapons) unless older than 1976 (I think it was).
    So she wants to make having a vagina illegal unless you got it before 1976?

  4. I can see the comparison….I love to shoot vaginas just like an AK, lots of fast reciprocating action, short break, repeat until the ammo supply is used up.

  5. The only thing I want to hear about Hanoi Jane is her obituary.


    Velocette, Here’s a $100, no I don’t want change.

  6. So she’s saying she wants vaginas banned from courthouses, schools, amusement parks, polling places, and jail visitations?
    Her terms are acceptable.

  7. I hope that she flushes herself out with Hoppes Number 9 and a brass bore brush at regular intervals.

  8. Interesting approach to analyze the situation, seeing we do have a genuine timeshare vagina installed as VP.

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