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And on a related topic:

no problem, Toots.  Ummm… who are you, again?

why are we surprised by this?

why does anyone even use this stupid card anymore? 

key word, of course, being “Seattle”.


thus coming down from “stratospheric”  to just “major ripoff.”

so, how are those shuttered nuke plants working for you?

yes they are;  we all hate you, and we’re united in our desire to vote all of you scumbags out of office ASAP.

except that unfortunately, none of them will actually move.  For those who do, however… buh-bye.

speaking of “louche”, aren’t you the dude who was caught wanking during a company Zoom call?

meh, as long as she didn’t make it a class project

only ONE million?  Color me shocked.

And in no-link INSIGNIFICA:


Finally, this snippet:

I should point out that the former Miss England has had something like five kids, so it’s not surprising that a little nip ‘n tuck was called for.  Aaaaanyway, here’s the (covered) body part in question:


I know she’s not that attractive now, but in her glory (pre-five-kids) days:

If you want to see her actual thingy, you’ll have to look for her “leaked” sex tape.  I ain’t gonna go there.

And on that note, we’ve come [sic]  to the end of the news.


  1. In re: Pink the “singer” not Miss England. I never voluntarily listened to your music the first time. To never listen to it again would be a boon.

    1. That’s the same with me. In my opinion, she put the word “F’ing” in the wrong part of the sentence. In this usage it is an adjective and should have appeared immediately before “Music.”

      Charles Russell, the Montana western artist once said, “An Artist is the only thing you can say you is that nobody can say you ain’t.” Pink is really pushing the boundaries on that observation.

  2. Looks like Danielle’s lower labia trimmings were stuffed into her upper labia to ill effect during the same plastic surgery.

  3. Well played, Kim – bookending the news with pink. I’ve heard Pink’s music once. It left me with no desire to listen to any more. I have heard how she got her stage name, though. Seems a teen-aged friend of hers (when she was a teen as well) had never seen a woman’s vulva before. She gave him a look, and he exclaimed “It’s pink!”

    I agree with valine76. Looks like she had more than a bit of nip & tuck elsewhere.

  4. And the BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA at a gay pride march?
    How the mighty have fallen, and how completely the Boy Scouts of America have been crushed.

    I do, however, continue to carry my Eagle Scout challenge coin. I earned that when the Boy Scouts stood for Honor and Standards.

  5. heard some of Pink’s music but never bought any of it and I still wont. I owned a Dixie Chicks CD, I dunno why, but when they got anti American I tossed it out. Some co workers were surprised.

    These woke singers can rot. Plenty of America loving folks around here I can enjoy. WHy should I give my money to folks who hate this great country?


  6. “Why does anyone even use this stupid card anymore?”

    I never did. And now that I’m debt-free, I will never use ANY credit card.

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