Dept. Of Righteous Beatings

Oh yeah, baby.  When seconds count and the police are minutes away, you gotta get busy:

A 54-year-old Philadelphia man allegedly stole a car outside of a pizzeria with three small children inside. Shocked bystanders caught the alleged thief and potential kidnapper, and that’s when the crowd delivered “street justice.”

Police told The Philadelphia Inquirer that Hood stole the Hyundai, prompting the couple to take off running behind it. Crowded roads allowed mom and dad to chase down the car and yank Hood from the driver’s seat. Officers said a “large crowd” stopped the man and then beat him after he physically assaulted the father. “We’re being told that other males in the area helped the boyfriend with this physical altercation and a physical struggle ensued.
Hood managed to break free from the father and fled across 29th Street. It was at this time that a crowd of individuals stopped Mr. Hood and forced him to the ground,” Philadelphia Police Homicide Captain Jason Smith said. “The crowd kicked and punched Mr. Hood until the arrival of responding police. At some point Mr. Hood became unresponsive.
Emergency responders were called to the scene where Hood had been beaten. “They left Hood unconscious and suffering from injuries that later proved to be fatal. Paramedics rushed him to Temple University Hospital, but it was too late to save his life,” KKTV reported.

And of course:

It was later found that Eric Hood had many run-ins with law enforcement. “Hood had a lengthy arrest record with 24 arrests.”



  1. Two observations:
    1) This (vigilante justice) is what the hand-wringers claimed would happen every time a state relaxed carry laws, but hasn’t. Lesson: don’t worry about guns, worry about pissed-off neighbors.
    2) Given the explosion in various crimes and the refusal of many municipalities to prosecute the perpetrators I’m surprised there isn’t more of this kind of reaction.

  2. A prime example of the concept that the Cops are there to protect the crooks as much as they are to protect the citizens.

  3. I love a story with a happy ending.

    This was a modern, American version of the English Common Law “Hue and Cry.”
    And as the People delegated powers to the States and to the Federal Government, under Agency law the Principal retains the right to exercise the power delegated to the Agent.

    As the movement among the Leftists to Defund and Defang the police continues, we can expect more of this direct action against criminals.

    And slightly off topic (That’s me, Mr. Tangent), the true “first responders” aren’t the people called to clean up and take names for later use, but the people at the location whose first reaction is “Holy S—! This is happening to me!

    1. I thought there was a gun law that forbade 15 year olds having a gun. Oops, that didn’t work, let’s write some more gun laws.
      OTOH, perhaps a gun law that said every adult must be armed would have made those racist niggers (sorry for the epithet – but those bastards deserve nothing less) not so eager to rob that poor man.
      As to the gallows, a drop hanging would be too kind for those subhuman scum. A big oak tree could do double duty – shade when not in use as a gallows, and provide a nice neck swing from a rope for miscreants like the choir boys in your story.

      1. re — ‘niggers’
        I occasionally sing with the choir at the Southern Methodist church around the corner.
        These fine hard-working decent conservative people — who just happen to be dark pigmented — unanimously HATE ‘niggers’ as they refer to dope-fiends, the nincompoops with the earthquake cars, and obese trash with welfare children.
        (These are their words.)
        They use the term ‘that element’ sometimes, with attendant nods, while railing for all kinds of hurt upon the goofballs.
        I never called anybody ‘nigger’, it simply is not in my vocabulary.
        However, some nincompoops certainly try really hard to qualify for the lowest denomination/demonination.
        And I noticed something working in the three penitentiary settings:
        * I see people.
        * black people tend to see pigment first, then act different for different situations.

  4. I love happy endings. In addition, some years ago a flasher was discovered outside a South Philadelphia Catholic high school for girls. A group of the students chased him down and beat him within an inch of his life. These are refined and well brought up young ladies who were known to carry single edge razor blades in their bra straps.
    Stay safe

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