News Roundup

And speaking of anxiety, here’s THE LATEST THING TO WORRY ABOUT!!!!

...all the above on a single page at the Daily Mail.

...stupid fools.  We Murkins have been living on UPFs for decades, and we’re doing fine.

Go peddle your Chicken Little bullshit somewhere else.  We’ve got some Oreos and Twinkies to eat.

From the Dept. of Education:

...when even the Third World thinks it’s all a pile of shit...

From the Police Files:

...just to be pedantic for a moment:  15-year-olds who gang-rape are not “boys” and shouldn’t be tried — or sentenced — as such.

And let’s talk about another hardened criminal:

...only in Yurp could this be a big deal.  72 guns, although quite an impressive number, is hardly anything to write home about, and as for 3,000 rounds… that’s about what Doc Russia, Combat Controller and I take to the range for a day’s shooting.  Oh, and Alain Delon is nearly 90 and senile.  What are they going to do:  put him in jail for (ahem) life?

Oh, just for fun, some more Global Warming Climate Cooling Change©:

...of course they would.  Self-sufficiency is subversive, didn’t you know?

In Glueball Jewhate News:

...another blow struck for the Eternal Caliphate.  Now let’s turn him into a martyr for Allah, the sooner the better.

Again, from the Great Cultural Assimilation Project:

...and the Chamber of Commerce gets a collective woody at the thought of all that cheap labor.

...actually, it is.  At some point, they’re going to be casting illegal votes (crime), killing and/or raping women and children (crime) and committing acts of terrorism (crime).  So what IS the fucking issue, then?

...not quite as tough as the Texas law, but it’s a start.  Let’s see if it clears their Senate and Governor’s desk, though.  Then again, there’s you-know-who:

...given the cost of housing on the Left Coast, they won’t be able to make the payments anyway.

And we’re off to the races:

...let’s put on a play about, say, the Franco-Prussian war, and make admission Whites-only.  See what happens.

And speaking of res 


...[rising to a point of order] actually, Monica looks sensational in black anything.  Still, let me not influence any opinions here — judge for yourselves:

And on that disturbing note we come, so to speak, to the end of the news.


  1. all right, if politicians don’t trust the citizenry with firearms then the politicians should not be trusted with the public treasury. We can add to that now with criminal migration. If they won’t secure the border then they deserve to be tossed out office. Too bad tar and feathers are no longer involved.

    I agree CoffeeMan, Monica Bellucci is still a smoke show.

    Ultra processed foods? eat from the farm, not the factory. Some cheese and good bread is probably far more healthy than cheez-its.

    Good for El Salvador. This woke crap has got to go and the people who push it need to be removed from office and barred from every position of responsibility. They can go pick up litter at the side of the road or scoop up droppings at the local dog parks.

    I agree, 72 guns can be impressive but the lack of ammunition is not. Hopefully that collection has some nice fancy guns and a nice battery of everyday shooters so folks can have fun at the range. The ammunition quantity is about six bricks of 22lr. that’s hardly a good start. I tell people to keep a year’s worth of hunting ammunition on hand because as you use it to practice, you have a year to replace it. It does not expire like milk, prices are not going down and this year is the election year so things will get more weird than last year. Rudyard Kipling had a great quote where he said that “you cannot have too much red wine, books or ammunition.”

    Criminal migrants are getting interest free loans to get houses? this is utter nonsense. enough is enough. Glad to see the Georgia House taking at least some small steps. these criminal migrants need to be detained and arrested whenever they come in contact with any law enforcement officer. Hold them until the charging agency can pick them up.

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