Old-Time Favorites (1)

While going through my laptop’s hard drive, trying to organize it into something which could be transferred to New Computer without too much loss of life, I stumbled across a sub-folder named “Favorites” in my “Movies” photo database.

Here’s a selection of the black & white pics.  Some I may have posted before, so forgive me;  but I can’t remember that far back…

Adrienne Ames

Anita Ekberg

Ashley Greene

Robyn Lawley (I think, or else Candice Huffine)

Carole Landis

Dawn French

Delia [Somebody]

Jane Russell

Joan Bennett



Suzanne Pleshette

Veronica Lake

I think it’s rather obvious as to why they ended up in a “Favorites” folder.  Next week, I’ll pick some more, this time in living color.


  1. That is indeed Candice Huffman and I knew that without turning the screen sideways! The one you have marked Delia is Annette Casir.

    Working at a pawn shop in the early 70’s did have its perks!

  2. I’m pretty sure your “Joan Bennett” is actually Hedy Lamarr.

    Excellent selection.

    1. I think you’re right. Looking through the pictures in Wikipedia, Joan with black hair can look quite a lot like Hedy, but Hedy’s face is wider.

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