Old-Time Gunslinger

Via Reader JQ, a 10-minute look at one of the greatest pistol shots ever, Ed McGivern.

He probably owned dozens of revolvers in his life, but here are a few of my favorites:

Colt Single Action Army (.45 Colt)

…and another of the same:

‘Nuff said.

Smith & Wesson Model 3 (.38-40)

Apparently, McGivern used to demonstrate his quick-reloads with this top-breaker.

Colt New Service (not sure of the chambering, but I think it’s either .45 Colt or .44 Special)
This one was originally listed at about $20,000 at auction a while back, but it eventually sold for $80,000.

Great guns, peerless shooter.


  1. The New Service Flat Top Target, was probably 44 S&W/Russian, which was all the rage of target shooters about then. Think that is 3rd level engraving on it, really beautiful piece.

  2. I clicked on the image of the engraved Colt and opened it in a new tab. I zoomed in on the image and could see the number “44” on the barrel and also believe I could make out Smith and Wesson on the barrel. It is a beautiful pistol in any case.

  3. For my birthday a few years back my wife bought me a Ruger Vaquero. I like the pistol but need more practice time to get used to the grips , which feel a bit small for my hand. Otherwise it’s very nice.

  4. Loves me some good case hardening, nothing prettier IMO.

    I’m actually looking for something newer, a S&W Model 15 that I carried back in my air force days. Not particularly pretty but holds memories for me.

  5. Eventually, I want a S&W New Model #3 Target model. Just for the Walter Winans of it.

    (And if you don’t know who Walter Winans is….)

  6. Ed McGivern’s “Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting” can still be found time to time. The chapter on aerial targets is fascinating. Can’t do that in the East.

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