That Leap Year Thing

According to some legend or other, February 29 (tomorrow) is the date when women are “allowed” to propose marriage to men, as opposed to vice versa, which catastrophe may fall on any other day of the year.

So let’s play another one of Kim’s Silly Games.

Assuming you were of the age and (non-)marital status to be able to take advantage of said Leap Year foolishness, from which of the five options below would you entertain such a proposal?  (And no, you can’t chicken out and nominate your current wife because that would be too easy.)  To make life easier, you can rank said proposers if you want.

Another assumption (and this is a difficult one) is to imagine that none of the choices is batshit fucking crazy.

Here are the options available to you, O Lucky Man (and the names are linked, for any background you might need).

Anna Magnani

Dawn Addams

Peggy Cummins

Joan Bennet

Romy Schneider

Rank away, in Comments.


  1. Being in my 36th year of wedded … words fail me. Should I ever be single again, I would def stay that way. A dog, my guns, and my reloading hobbies, along with the motorcycle (for maybe the next year or two) would keep me blissfully happy. I’d never do it again.

    Some men have to touch the hot stove only once to learn their lesson, some need to touch it multiple times. I’m in the former camp. 😀

  2. I’d form a “corporation” with Dawn Addams and her comic book lips.

    I did that (40 years and counting), won’t do it again.

  3. Nope. None of the above, despite your assumption the crazy eyes are strong in all the choices, Particularly the first photo. Run!!!!! Far away! as soon as possible.

  4. I’ll play along.

    Peggy Cummins or maybe Dawn Adams if she keeps her hair long. Then again reflecting upon the Crazy Hot Matrix……..

    1. Some of us are old enough to have been badly burned by those “adventures” – Great fun while it lasted – but looking back….not sure I would want to do that again.

      1. Less opportunity for unwanted drama that way.
        Dawn Addams, Joan Bennet, and Peggy Cummins, who bears a strong resemblance to Leslie Parrish, (circa 1959).

  5. Ahh given the above choices probably Peggy Cummins. That is based on the assumption she’d be interested in a portly, balding, nobody, with a decent–but unspectacular career, and no money.

  6. As a young man I had conversation with my Sicilian dad about beautiful women. Yeah, we ran thru all the touted beauties of the the day. The Rock, Jill St John, the Bond girls etc. Then the EYE TALIAN girls came up. Sophia popped into my mind. The Old Man brought up Magnani. He blurted out “NOW THAT WAS A WOMAN !”. I laughed but that quote was burned into my mind.

    30 years later I was shooting the breeze with a co- worker of my generation. He was of Greek heritage. W had the same conversation. When out of the blue he mentioned Magnani ! Then without prompting he repeats the exact words my Dad said decades before….”NOW THAT WAS A WOMAN !” We both burst of laughing hysterically. We both knew what that meant. God Bless her soul.

  7. Okay, if you PROMISE that she’s not batshit crazy and if she’s still the age she was in those pictures, I’d say that Dawn Addams is the pick of the litter. Not that I’d ever want to get hitched to ANYONE again. (5,000-word rant deleted.)

  8. I’ll take Peggy Cummins. Lovely skin, baby face, lived into her 90’s (the rest of these beauties died young, some even younger than my wife) and married once, for 50 years (his death).

    She’s a unicorn, the rest are way out on the hot/crazy matrix.

  9. Either Ann Magnani or Peggy Schroeder would interest me where I single. I was never overly picky anyway.

  10. When I was very small, we had neighbors with the last name Schneider. Their eldest daughter (about 5 years older than me) was named Romy, after the actress. As a result, given the parameters of this game limiting me to the 5 you have selected, I will choose her.

  11. Hahahaha, sorry for not playing, Kim.

    I have an analogy. Those mechanical bull things in bars became all the rage back when I was on active duty in the Air Force. I rode one a couple times and enjoyed it.

    Now? Prolly not a good idea. 😂

  12. Okay, I’ll play along with Anna, Joan, Romy, Dawn, and Peggy. I’d start at the beginning but anywhere in the list would work because they all have that “crazy” look. I think many of us are in the same age group, sixty and up. So I know that we all know that you “don’t do crazy.” But at some point you should. It’s the best sex you’ll ever have and you’ll need that memory later. Because you don’t marry crazy, as most of us can attest. But at least you have the memory.

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