1. “Cash, Grass or ass. Nothing rides for free.


    “Cars, ass and riding, how do you think you were manufactured little one?”

    1. “Don’t come knocking when this vehicle is rocking”


      “Listen little one, walk around the car show for a while and leave mommy and daddy alone while we make mattress music in this shaggin wagon”

  2. Advice for the guy grabbing the girls ass

    “Don’t be a fool, vulcanize your tool”

    “Before you stick it in her snapper, throw on a wrapper”

    “Before you hit her in the seat, package your meat”

    “Don’t forget to wrap it, before you tap it”

    “Be sure to bag it, before you tag it”

    “If your gonna tease me, you better be ready to please me”

    1. Funny, but spoken as a connoisseur, that’s not enough to hold a bike securely.

      Don’t ask me how I know this.

  3. “Hey Abdullah, if you take the blonde, you can have the little boy at 50% off.”

  4. “Now that you’ve seen the car, Son, let me show you the ultimate driving machine…”

  5. In this intriguing view of Tiguan’s rear suspension, we get an inkling of the reasons the fellows say she has no brakes!
    With Tiguan’s rear suspension in ‘more-alimony mode’, an innocent passer-by wonders if the restroom-wall adverts are true… she has no brakes!
    After the wear-n-tear of a hundred thousand on the clock, Tiguan’s rear suspension could do with an overhaul!

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