Gratuitous Gun Pic: Holland & Holland Double (.400 Express)

I knew I shouldn’t have done it, but there it is:  scarcely had I finished writing the last GGP when I continued down the rabbit hole that is Collector’s Antique Rifle department, and happened upon this H&H double rifle:

Ah, for heaven’s sake.

As for the chambering:  the .450/400 BPE (in the Gospel According To Frank Barnes) is akin, ballistically speaking, to the typical .450 black powder cartridges of the late 19th century and will put anything down at the shorter ranges.  Calling it the “400 Express”, however, introduces an element of confusion, because no such cartridge exists.  The .400 Nitro Express is the smokeless version of the above, and no doubt the rifle would be capable of handling it (always supposing it fits in the chamber).

Whatever:  this is a collector’s rifle, and as it’s been restored by H&H themselves and (assuming the cartridge confusion can be resolved) is a lovely gun worthy of any collection.

You can expect a lot more of this kind of post in the near future… somebody stop me.


  1. I enjoy your writings on firearms very much. I’d never give any of the high end firearms a second glance. I was at Orvis’s flagship store years ago and picked up some five figure shotgun when I was asked if I would like assistance. I saw the price tag, put it down and moved away. I can admire their beauty but I’m just not in the market for something that pricey.

    1. I had the same conversation over a $300 knife years ago (when $300 meant something). I’m disappointed if my $40 Case folder ends up at the bottom of a river, I’m distraught if your $300 toy does. The fact that I like it notwithstanding.

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