News Roundup

And with that excellent advice, here’s some Rx News:

...WuFlu itself, reaction to the “vaccine”, very bad acid trip or a combination of all three?  I report, you decide.

Some Political News:

...I think he just woke up and realized what a scam it all is.  By the way:  Johnson is a pretty good mayor (for a Democrat shithole like Dallas metro).

From the Great Assimilation Project:

...anyone surprised by this?  Nobody?  Me neither.  Also: he going to get severely punished?  Don’t make me laugh.  Then there’s this:

...can we do a cut ‘n paste Over Here?

Hot off the Police Blotter:

...should have joined the NYPD if she wanted to do a little risk-free cashless shopping.

Some Sporting News:

...considering that he’s undeniably better than anyone else who’s ever played the game, that’s hardly surprising.

From the Palace Papers:

...would that be the same “secret weapon” who “dealt with” his ex-wife?

More news from the front lines of Sex Wars:

...when is “too soon”?  During the first date?   Before meeting the parents?  On the first night of the honeymoon?

...I always suspected this to be the case.  Now it’s “experts” to the rescue.

And speaking of psycho bitches and other beings, ecco 


...and will we get to see them Over Here?  Silly rabbits.

In ShowBiz Noose: [/Robin Williams]

There was yet another pointless awards show recently, when actors, actresses and sluts [some overlap]  got together to air-kiss each others’ cheeks etc.  The men’s fashion choices, as always, ranged from the elegant:

…to the dreadful:

…with sartorial sins so egregious I shouldn’t have to list them.

Some guy tried hard, but forgot his socks, FFS:

…and of his companion and her “I don’t wanna be here” stare, we need say nothing.

And speaking of the women:

…all quite nice, actually.

And I will admit to a little tinge of old-man lust towards the late-40s-vintage Reese Witherspoon.

There were a couple of the older trots (Trots?) among them, but I’m not going to spoil anyone’s appetite with pictures of Oprah, Streep, Streisand and Melissa McCarthy, because I care.

And anyway, it’s time to end the news.



  1. Sofia Vergara By far the hottest. Sofia is a smoke show. She’s 50 something which is NOT old at all, and she puts women in their 20’s to shame. Older women are by far way hotter than young ones.

    Jennifer Anniston and Reese Witherspoon runners up.

  2. What male of the species wears a brown Mariachi uniform as formal wear unless being an actual Mariachi musician (word used loosely)? We are doomed if this persists.But then DC has made clown clothing standard.

    1. If he had held the hat that came with that costume that would have made more sense to wear it. We already know that if you own an instrument you can make noise come out of you are a musician and no one can say you aren’t one.
      Charles Russell said that about artists over 100 years ago.
      The late and unlamented Yoko Ono proves both of those statements to be true.
      I actually have to take that back. Yoko Ono made a very good “Bad Example” in the manner of the Plains Indian tribes’ “Rotten Belly Clubs” They were the ones who were to talk when the tribe was supposed to be silent, to make the wrong noises or cough, to wear the wrong colors or feathers, to forget the words to be recited, it was a long list. They were to be the bad example for parents to point out to their children of how not to be.

  3. Brown shoes with a blue suit has got to be among the worst styles to see the light of day.

    I’m waiting for the day that more than one homeless person gets ushered in on the red carpet only for the hosting staff to realize that it’s just some bum off the street rather than someone with an invitation.

  4. I note, depressingly, that along with a lousy economy and disintegrating world order, the big floppy bow ties for tuxedos have returned from the 1970s. Gah.

  5. Thankee, on humanitarian grounds, for excluding the foul harridans listed at the bottom of the article. The only thing that would make that list worse was the inclusion of Joy Behar.

  6. I have met Princess Anne, albeit briefly, and can confirm that she is a formidable woman.

    1. I wonder what Megharry’s financial arrangements are with the royal treasury? Anne could make them an offer they can’t refuse. Given that Meg keeps Harry’s crown jewels in a lockbox, it’s probably the only thing that might rein them (Meg, Lady Slutley) in.

  7. “More women are psychopaths than previously thought”

    All women are bi. It’s up to you to determine whether it’s sexual or polar.

  8. Murder suspect in Georgia nursing student murder confirmed to be Illegal Alien [who arrived during Biden Administration].

    Did anyone bet against that in the pool?

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