Facing Up To Reality

Boy, it’s all very well to have those Green Dreams of making us all free of Evil Oil&GasCorp International, but when someone punches you in the nose and says, “No more oil!” you’d have to be completely stupid to keep on with the foolishness.  Take Germany, for example:

Germany is considering reopening some of its decommissioned coal power plants in the hopes of getting a handle on its ongoing energy crisis.  The reopening of shuttered plants is seen as an option as the country struggles to ween itself off of its addiction to Russian fossil fuels.


However, the RWE head was keen to emphasise that no U-turn on the phasing out of fossil fuels was occurring, and that the stop-gap measures being suggested did not represent a rollback of the country’s climate change plans.
“It’s not a backwards roll, but at most a step aside for a limited time,” the energy Tsar said.

Uh huh.  Till the next crisis, when they’ll have to step aside again, and again, and again, when that back-and-forth is going to resemble a country two-step dance competition.

Morons.  And lest we forget, most of their problem is being caused by their panicked overreaction to the Fukushima meltdown and the resulting knee-jerk shutdown of all their own nuke power plants.  Morons times two.

I thought Germans were supposed to be pragmatic and logical, but clearly I’ve been misinformed.

Stupid Times Two

From some newsletter comes this snippet:

Apart from the delicious irony (not to mention the blatant hypocrisy) of a Democrat politician being caught with a gun where he shouldn’t, there’s also the rank stupidity of forgetting that you have a gun in a bag which you know is going to be X-rayed at the airport.

That said, in studying Cooper’s official record, he doesn’t seem to be as bad as the other Californian Democrat snakes as far as guns are concerned.  His only “anti-gun” position seems to be his opposition to home-made guns (the stupidly-named “ghost guns” the Democrats are always moaning about).  Likewise, his district is a mix of Sacramento suburb (Elk Grove) and a ton of farmland stretching all the way south to Lodi and Galt, so it’s fair to assume that he’s not going to be as strident an anti-gun asshole as his Democrat buddies in San Francisco and L.A.

I would be really curious, though, to see his position on concealed carry.  Perhaps my few CA Readers can help me on this point.

Carry On

Looks like Alabama has joined the ranks of the “Constitution Carry” states, thus closing off a revenue stream to various county sheriffs, boo-hoo.

As has Ohio — well done, everyone.  That makes 23 states who agree with the Second Amendment’s “keep and bear arms” provision.

Georgia is likewise poised to the same, their House Bill now with the Senate for “reconciliation” with their own (already passed) bill, thence to the GeorgiaGov’s desk for his (promised) signature.  Get it done, kids, let’s make it 24.

What makes it all the better is the socialists’ response:

Calling All Tyrants

Via the Greek Digit, I found this most excellent piece of writing:

In a Quinnipiac survey, people were asked “If you were in the same position as Ukrainians are now, do you think that you would stay and fight or leave the country?” The results showed that an overwhelming majority of Republicans and a comfortable majority of independents say they would stay and fight. As for Democrats? 52% said they would leave the country.

Okay… you know what I’m going to say next.

Can somebody, anybody out there invade us?  I promise not to mobilize the 34th Beer & Treason Brigade until the invasion* has occupied at least the East and West coasts, and the fucking hippies / Communists who infest the areas have run off to join their little soyboy pal Trudeau in the Frozen North.

(After that, of course, WOLVERINES!!!!)

I think the game is worth the candle.  Anything to get the Left outta here so we don’t have to take care of them ourselves.

*It has to be a serious invasion, with landing craft carrying troops, and tanks and stuff driving up and down Madison Ave and all through the Mission District.  If you want to shell Portland and Seattle like the Russkis are doing to Kiev… well, okay.  We’ll even email you maps of all the BLM hideouts so you’ll know where to start aiming the rockets.

Don’t worry about the U.S. Armed Forces;  just throw a few hundred trannies in your front ranks and the U.S. Woke Regiments won’t shoot lest they be accused of LGBT hatred, or something.

I need to stop now before I get too excited.

Wrong Targets

As Putin’s little adventure continues apace, the retaliation against Russia grows, in various forms, both serious and silly.  The latter is exemplified by stuff like this:

EA is removing all Russia-linked teams from its wildly popular FIFA and NHL video game franchises.

Ouch.  That’ll get the Russkis out of Ukraine toot sweet, you betcha.  As will this:

FIFA and UEFA have suspended Russia’s national teams and clubs from international football until further notice due to the country’s invasion of Ukraine.  The move makes it likely that Russia will be excluded from this year’s World Cup and the women’s Euro 2020 tournament.

That’s going to hurt a little more, because the Russkis are football crazy.  Still, not much in terms of geopolitical leverage.  Then there’s this:

The Haas Formula One team has terminated Russian driver Nikita Mazepin’s contract “with immediate effect” following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.  The decision comes on the back of F1’s decision to terminate its contract with the Russian GP. That contract had been until 2025.  Haas also ended its sponsorship with Russian company Uralkali, owned by Mazepin’s father.

Now that’s interesting because the F1 cognoscenti  will note that the hapless Nikita was easily the worst F1 driver in years, only getting his seat because his Daddy owns Uralkali, Haas’s largest sponsor.

(As such, Haas may have killed two birds with one stone, so to speak.)

But they announced Mazepin’s termination before they pushed Uralkali away — which I have to admit, made me a tad uneasy.  Granted, Mazepin’s father is a crony of Putin, but it seemed a little like overkill to axe the driver — he wasn’t responsible for the Ukranian invasion, and if we’re going to toss every individual Russian out of their field of endeavor just for being Russian, that seems to me to be wrongheaded, as so many of these blanket actions so often are.

Which brings me to this injustice:

Soprano Anna Netrebko withdrew from her future engagements at the Metropolitan Opera rather than repudiate her support for Russian President Vladimir Putin, costing the company one of its top singers and best box-office draws.

Anna who?  This Anna, is who:

But that’s not the relevant part of this.  (As it happens, the 50-year-old Netrebko is not the svelte little thing she was at age 20, but then, who is?)

But all that aside, Anna Netrebko has one of the greatest soprano voices of the past century, and as she’s got older, it has only got better.  Forcing her to quit engagements simply because she “refused to repudiate her support for Russian President Vladimir Putin”  is clearly a bad thing.

Let’s be clear, here, and remember exactly who we’re dealing with:  regardless of her actual sympathies, if she were to come out and say, “This asshole Putin should quit invading Ukraine”, not only would her career end, but there is a good chance that she would be assassinated by the loathsome Unit 29155 for her opinions.

Think I’m exaggerating?  Try this, and this, and this.  Note that none of this took place in Russia:  nowhere in the world is safe when it comes to this criminality.

We should quit being childish about this — it’s not the first time, either;  remember “freedom fries”, FFS? — and while I have no issue with punishing teams or people actually representing Russia, let’s not take out the sins of the country on its innocent citizens, cursed simply by an accident of birth.

Oh hell;  Anna’s also one of the most beautiful women in the world, so why not indulge ourselves?