Quote Of The Day

Via Joe Huffman:

“An iron law of free speech on social media is that any site that allows you to use the n-word and call people homophobic slurs is going to be flooded by people who want to do nothing but use the n-word and call people homophobic slurs.” — Tamara K.

It’s something of a tightrope, to be sure.  The only reason I don’t allow ugly speech (niggers, Yids, etc.) on this website is because it’s impolite.  Far better to call the offender a miserable motherfucker because if we know one thing, it’s that motherfuckery knows no racial or ethnic boundaries.

I don’t care about homosexualism of either gender being referred to as homos etc. because it’s easier to type “homo” than “homosexual”, and “lesbo” than “lesbian”.  Or you can go the Jeremy Clarkson route:  “homosexualists”, “lesbianists” etc.

National nicknames are just that, and if the Frogs or Japs get all hissy about it, I don’t care.

You can call the fucking Greens whatever you want (see above).  Ditto vegans.

Quote Of The Day

From some guy on the Internet:

“In my view, Putin is highly unlikely to pick a fight directly with NATO. He will work to undermine NATO, though he’s delusional if he thinks he can do a better job than Joe Biden.”

Quote Of The Day

“Sexual politics have done to literature what Bomber Command did to Dresden’s architecture.”  — Taki

I wish to take issue with the old Greek bastard on this one.  Bomber Command might have destroyed Dresden’s architecture, but it didn’t emasculate it.

Quote Of The Day

From the Divine Sarah (Hoyt):

“You know, the more I look at the left, the more they resemble evil fantasy novel characters.”

One has to think that if a fantasy writer wanted to create their next evil villain, they’d look at (say) Gretchen Whitmer and think, “Nah, nobody would believe that.”