Helping Hands

From his island lair somewhere in the Caribbean, Longtime Friend Knal N. Domp writes (with my response underneath):

I think the preference of the Afghan Muzzies for the AK demonstrates that it’s the choice of insurgents all over the world — mostly because it’s easy to operate, reliable and needs little maintenance.  (Pretty much the same reasons that I like them, incidentally.)

Not that I’m an insurgent, or anything.


  1. I think the better argument is that, in the middle of an insurgency, one does not trade in a rifle that he is familiar with for an unknown rifle without good reason. I’m betting also that 7.62×39 is much more available than the 5.56 round, thus the desire to keep hold of a rifle you know you can get ammo for. So they take the filthy capitalistic pig rifles and hand them to the JV team and keep the known and proven AK’s in the hands of the varsity squad.

      1. I’m really hoping this is sarcasm.

        Because if it’s not…different case head, different shoulder length, different shoulder diameter, different throat, different bullet and bore diameters…

  2. Toyota Hilux, crew cab, 4×4, diesel engine….

    The last time I was in the Caribbean (a few years back) I could buy a brand new one for around $12k

    Cannot buy one in N America, of coure….

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