1. Babylon Bee has an awesome quiz about what your role will be when the Communist utopia is finally achieved. After putting in all your personal preferences (no matter what you put in) all the choices result in the same fate.. off to the gulag to bust up rocks with a pickaxe.

    Those rocks aren’t gonna bust themselves.

    1. Just because collectivist ideologies ALWAYS end that way, there’s no reason to think our implementation of one will lead to bad things.

      1. Please tell me that was sarcastic !
        How many people have to jump out of a 10th story window
        while flapping their arms and fall to their death before people
        learn that you can’t fly like a bird ?
        It’s not that the idea of flying with your arms is a bad idea or that
        the flying attempt is just being done poorly, or the person simply
        isn’t strong enough or any one of thousands of reasons WHY no one
        has succeeded YET, it is simply because IT DOESN’T WORK and it
        never will !

          1. Thank You
            There are people, far too many of them, that actually
            believe what he said and for a few moments, I thought
            the camel had WALKED into the tent unopposed !

  2. A friend’s son is always posting commie memes on Fecesbook. I refrain from arguing, because arguing on FB is like playing chess with a pigeon (he knocks over the pieces, shits on the board, and struts around like he won).

    Anyway, his latest was basically a supposed refutation of the idea that it’s not FAIR that someone else gets something you worked for, stating that it’s wrong to suggest that you have to earn the right to live. I wanted to comment that the food you need to live comes from somewhere, there are costs involved with growing it, that THOSE costs need to be met at some point. So if I have to buy seed in order to grow crops, that expense needs to be covered or I won’t bother. And if the seed is given to me, someone else has to supply the seed. Etc etc ad nauseum. Again, I didn’t bother, because when you argue with a moron they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. Besides, the kid is 25, flunked out of Community College, and has never held an honest full-time job. In other words he knows everything already.

    Mark D

  3. I understand power hungry totalitarians, don’t like ’em, but I understand them. What puzzles me no end are the fools who believe that somehow their collective will be magically different. On those somewhat rare occasions when collectives work well its because a group of likeminded individuals have voluntarily come together and worked hard for a common goal.

    1. It’s also amazing how many of them think they are going to be the
      ‘Top Totalitaran’ on the heap when the smoke clears.
      History has shown that when the smoke clears, most of them end up
      against the wall !

      1. Paraphrasing P.J. O’Rourke here. “They didnt think they were going to be the victims, they thought they were going to be the perpetrators.”

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