Another Companion Piece

So I received this in the mail yesterday, after a decade-long search for a genuine 1907 bayonet which didn’t require a trip to the bank manager’s office first.

And a pretty pair they make, too:

Now, about that freelance Antifa-riot-control duty…

Update:  after seeing this pic, Mr. Free Market sent me this:

And he’s quite right.


  1. Is that the SMLE or the Ishapore?

    I have an Ishi. Which I love.

    As for Asstifa. Hey the smelly worked on other wogs.

  2. I have never owned an SMLE. Closest I can come is my U.S. Model 1917. My bayonet has Brit markings on one side and Remington on the other. Also have bayonets to fit:

    Trapdoor Springfield
    U.S. M1903
    M-1 Garand
    M-1 Carbine

    My compliments to Mr. Free Market.

  3. For our current collection of Muzzies that specialize in BurnLootMurder, I’ll just tote my Norinco 1897 Trench Broom with requisite M1917 bayonet with an oversupply of “00” and slugs as needed.

  4. nice big sticker!!

    Hard to beat a nice SMLE. That meme is spot on. The first SMLE I bought was a No 1 Mk I*** made around 1902 or so. never fired it


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