Damn Good Question

I know that the Socialists in Congress have “shelved” their attempt to ban “weapons of war” i.e. ARs and AKs (for the moment), but this little exchange should prove interesting:

As Massie puts it (I paraphrase slightly):  “Who are the Department of Agriculture and Department of Education planning on going to war with, if their employees are to be excepted from this prohibition?”

Let us record the words of the late (and dearly-missed) H.L. Mencken, who stated:

“The only good bureaucrat is one with a pistol to his head.  Put it in his hand and it’s goodbye to the Bill of Rights.”

And quod erat demonstratum, today.

Grim Enjoyment

We all know that the economy sucks — well, all except the White House and other socialists:

The United States economy contracted in the second quarter of 2022, marking the second consecutive quarter registering no growth. Economists expected the economy to grow by 0.3 percent, but the GDP shrank by 0.9 percent in the second quarter.

It is commonly considered a recession after two straight quarters of negative growth, although the Biden administration is now in the business of challenging the definition.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, for example, overtly denied that definition, as did White House economic adviser Brian Deese.

Of course they would.

One just wonders how they’re going to spin the Chip Diller routine when consecutive quarters #3, #4, #5 and #6 all show negative growth.

Useless socialist bastards.


Am I the only one sick of news reports of people murdering out of love?  I know that it’s probably due to my choice of news outlets — who never miss a chance for a sensational “Romeo Kills Juliet!” story — but this seems to be becoming a distressingly-familiar story:  Boy meets girl, boy falls in love, girl tells him to get lost, boy murders girl.  Or the reverse:

Blaze Wallace is charged with the murder of Samuel Mayo, 34, in Lower Richmond Road on Monday, July 18. They had become engaged in June.
‘Witnesses have confirmed there was an argument that evening between the victim and the defendant and the defendant tell Mr Mayo to “pack his bags and leave” approximately 45 minutes before he was fatally stabbed.’
Police attended the one-bedroom flat Wallace had shared with her fiancé for the previous six months and she was arrested on suspicion of his murder at 2.25am in the early hours of July 19.

By the way:  the murderous bitch was a lawyer, not some drugged-up hooker.

After all this nonsense, I can only say that I rejoice in this legal decision:

An Egyptian court is planning to broadcast the live hanging of a killer who stabbed a student to death when she turned down his marriage proposal.
Mohamed Adel, 21, was found guilty of murdering his Mansoura University classmate Naira Ashraf when she turned him down, with the court sentencing him to death on July 6.
The court has now called for his execution to be broadcast live to deter similar crimes from happening in future.

We need more of this, and I’m not just being bloodthirsty, this time.  One of the reasons for public executions was that people could see the consequence of murder.  I know that some (e.g. professional hitmen) might be unswayed by the prospect of their lifeless bodies swaying in the breeze, but for the amateur killers like the two scumbags above, there might just be a little hesitation before reaching for the carving knife.

I know, I know:  in today’s fainting-couch culture, people would be traumatized by the occasional public garrotting — but that’s precisely the point, isn’t it?

Murder is a horrible, ghastly business, and the less it and its consequences are sanitized, the better for society as a whole.

Big Bruvva’s Watching, Mate

In East Germany  Australia, the Stasi  Gummint is stepping up their efforts to spy on its slaves  citizens:

The next generation of speed cameras being rolled out in Western Australia don’t only catch lead foots but also snap drivers using mobile phones or not wearing seat belts.

In a $1.5million three-month trial, the first mobile point-to-point road safety cameras in Australia will be deployed in and around Perth.

Six cameras, which work in pairs, will measure the average speeds of drivers over a distance, which means those who only slow down when they spot a camera are more likely to be caught.

This is why the OzGov has been so keen to disarm their populace — those fucking intrusive cameras make awfully tempting targets.

I especially like this one:

However, during the pilot the cameras will not be directly used to issue infringements as laws would need to be passed to allow this.

But (and you knew this was coming):

For now they will be tested for their suitability but police can use the data to determine where certain offences are happening.

West Australia’s Strassensicherheidtsgauleiter  Road Safety Minister Paul Papalia said images showing particularly dangerous behaviour would be passed onto police to investigate.

Someone explain the difference to me between:

“directly used to issue infringements”
“passed onto police to investigate”

From the perspective of the end user (which end of the user needs no explanation) there’s NO difference.

Bastards.  Still another reason to avoid the poxy place

Stoking The Fires

Well, now… here’s one that would have made Josef Goebbels proud.

How do you convince people that this summer is hotter than an earlier one — thus supporting your argument to the masses that the climate is heating up?  They’ve tried dodgy forecasts, which have the annoying tendency not to come true, and all sorts of other little schemes to make you think we’re ALL GONNA DIEEEEEE!

But what of you just manipulate the mood of the reader?

What the hell do you mean, Kim?  This:

Read the rest of it, do.