This little snippet has been making the rounds, wherein the Communist Media has been worrying not about an assassination attempt on a Presidential candidate, but about all the “Rightwing retaliatory violence” that could (note: could ) ensue.

Now far be it for me to fan the flames here, but even if we did want to visit a little righteous vengeance on our local Communist cadres, we are at a distinct disadvantage.

You see, the Commies really have only one target to concentrate on — Trump — whereas we BitterclingerRightwingTrumpistaDeplorables have what could charitably be called an embarrassment of riches.  I mean, where would we begin?

Forget Biden;  he’s on Nature’s Death Row already, and his VP is about as consequential (and as useful) as a fly buzzing around a dog turd.

Soros pére et fils ?  Tempting… but not immediately political.

Among the Democrat Politburo, there’s a huge choice, but they’re pretty much the Usual Suspects:  Schumer, Pelosi, Durbin, Blumenthal, Cantwell, Gillibrand, Markey… and that’s just the Senate.

As for the House, there’s a serious argument to be made in favor of the so-called “Squad” (especially the radical Afro-Muzzies), but honestly?  AOC is more fun as comedy relief, whereas her successor might not be,

Of geographic interest are the various Blue State governors:  Newsom (CA), Whitmer (MI), Pritzker (IL), Hochul (NY), Inslee (WA), Kotek (OR), Healey (MA) and so on.  I’m sure there would be a lot of local support for their removal, but even taken collectively, none could be considered as as much a figurehead as is DJT.

And forget the Supreme Court twerps like the Wise Latina;  not that important, in the grand scheme of things, especially as our next president will appoint decent alternatives once they too fall prey to the Grim Reaper.

So with all those choices, it’s more of a Hydra-headed situation.  Which means it isn’t gonna happen — because we don’t do that kind of thing;  we still express our displeasure (so far) through the ballot box.

Although I bet the Communist media would love us to change that.  (Ain’t gonna happen.)

For the Alphabet Agencies who might be showing an interest here:  fuck you, I’m trying to make a joke of what is actually a deadly serious business.  My suggestion for them:  concentrate on the real dangers:  you know, Antifa, BLM and Known Assholes etc. who have already shown themselves to be prone to violence.

Because FYI:  the next shooter isn’t going to be a Catholic homeschooling mom.

Quite So

From the big brains at Gatestone:

It apparently never occurred to either the heads of the UN or the EU to consider that if you are a terrorist organization that commits war crimes, you do not get to choose how a war that you started is waged against you.

If you do not want a “bloodbath,” do not take hostages, hide them among civilians, try to prevent a rescue, then if they are rescued, profess shock at the fallout that you yourself have teed up.

I call this the “Dresden/Hiroshima” rationale:  you fucking started it, now you have to deal with the consequences.

It’s probably a Good Thing that the Izzies, for some reason, are reluctant just to exterminate every single one of these cockroaches south of their border.  (I remain unconvinced, but whatever.)

We know that said cockroaches, if they had the power, would show no such squeamishness.  “From the river to the sea”, remember?

Israel is walking a very delicate line here, often at the expense of its own troops and civilians, and should be commended rather than excoriated.  But of course the anti-Semites / Palsymps at the UN and EU don’t see it that way — which is why we ourselves need to inflict a little diaspora action on the United Nations, and disengagement from NATO.

They fucking started it.

Vote Of Confidence (Part Deux)

The ascension of the Commies to the BritGov in Britishland caused people to start looking for places to get away from Commissar Starmer’s policies (as reported here). especially after when literally only a few hours into power, he unveiled all sorts of wickedness.

Over the Channel, then, there came this:

France’s leftwing parties have begun jockeying to lead the country’s next government after their unexpected parliamentary election victory thwarted Marine Le Pen’s efforts to bring the far right to power. Amid warnings from a former European Central Bank chief that their spending plans risked catastrophe, members of the hastily cobbled-together leftist Nouveau Front Populaire (NFP) jousted with each other over who to back for prime minister. The NFP won the most seats in the National Assembly after the second-round vote on Sunday, but is far short of a majority, although it ended ahead of both President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist Ensemble alliance and Le Pen’s Rassemblement National (NR).

The results marked a success for centrist and leftist parties’ bid to form a common “front républicain” by pulling out of races to avoid splitting the anti-RN vote. It was also a stinging setback for Le Pen. But the leftist bloc — which ranges from the centre-left Socialists to Greens, communists and the far-left La France Insoumise, its biggest constituent party — will struggle to form a government.

“Within the week, we need to be in a position to present a candidate for prime minister and force the president to take this situation into account,” said Olivier Faure, leader of the Socialists, who made gains on Sunday. He also hit out at Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the LFI’s firebrand leftist leader, as “certainly the most divisive” figure within the NFP bloc and as lacking the consensus profile needed for the post of prime minister.

And to the surprise of absolutely nobody:

Prominent French Jews Urge Fellow Jews To Leave Following Left Dominating Elections

…because the Left in Europe (and especially in France) are virulently pro-Muslim and ant-Semitic (as are all French Muslims, almost by definition).

But even more telling is this:

Wealthy and Productive French Citizens Are Eyeing Escapes to Switzerland, Italy

…not all of whom are Jews, of course, but a good number must be.

Popcorn anyone?

Might as well sit and watch the bonfires Over There until the Socialists steal our own next election (again).

I was Going To Write This Article

…but Beege at Hot Air beat me to it.

The elections in England and France over the past week have been stellar examples of that, with surging populist parties echoing the concerns and voices of a good portion of the citizenry prior to the ballot box. But when vote push came to election shove, and parliamentary election rules being what they are in foreign countries, the feared and despised “right-wing” did make serious gains. But their hopes of election day triumphs were vanquished in both countries by simple math in one – England – and completely legal electioneering machinations by the Left in another – France.

Alas. The right has more seats at the table in both countries, but they do not control the head chair, and this leaves both countries under the sway of pretty liberal Leftist governments, with France being the vastly more radical of the two.

Read the rest for the gory — and I mean gory — details.

By the way:  I’m still feeling sick;  better than last week, but sick nevertheless.

Ahead Of The Game

Yesterday I showed how wealthy people have been fleeing Illinois for greener pastures in Florida and such.

Now we have people in Britishland getting out even before the new Labour government is going to be swept to power with a massive majority (as seems likely).  And why would they do so, you ask?

The wealthy are already fleeing Britain over fears about Keir Starmer’s tax raids, it was claimed today.  It is the latest sign of anxiety about the prospect of a Labour government with potentially the largest majority in history.

 Sir Keir has insisted that apart from closing specific tax loopholes, nothing in his manifesto requires additional tax rises for ‘working people’.

But critics say his plans cannot be delivered without unleashing tax hikes yet to be declared to voters.

A Socialist lying about his goals?  Say it ain’t so.  Clearly, the people most likely to be affected by Labour’s rapaciousness aren’t being fooled.

I have three friends Over There who are actively making plans to leave, for good.  And no, they’re not especially wealthy ones, either — because as any fule kno, the only way to get serious tax receipts is to tax the middle class, and they are all in that category.  (The working classes don’t have money, and the wealthy can afford to shield theirs.)

One is even looking at moving to the U.S., but alas he wants to do it legally, which will take years.  (For reasons of honesty, he refuses to do the southern border swoop.)  He may go through Canada first, but we’ll have to see.

I know of another guy — not a personal friend — who’s just walking away from his house because he suspects that Labour is going to increase “stamp duty” on property transfers and sales, so when he did the arithmetic he found that it would be easier just to forget about it.  He’s just sold his company (a printing business), and from what I can gather, that moolah is already in an offshore tax haven.

Interesting times we live in, wot?

Round One To The Good Guys

When Charles De Gaulle stated that it was impossible to govern a country which produced 246 types of cheese, he was really talking about politics.  So in a country where there are at a rough guess about five political parties per voter, national elections are two-rounders:  the first round eliminates most of the outliers, and the thing gets serious in the second round.

Even so, I was surprised at the first round results:  National Rally garnered a full third of the votes cast, with FrogPres “Granny-Shagger” Macron’s “globalist” party a distant third (after the Socialists).

Marine Le Pen‘s far-right* National Rally party led France’s snap parliamentary elections on Sunday with 33% of the vote, according to the interior ministry, with the leftist alliance New Popular Front following in second place at almost 28%. President Macron’s ruling coalition trailed in third place with 20%.

Of course, the Left accepted the election results stoically… nah, just kidding, they went all hair on fire and screaming riots, as is their wont when the people don’t vote the way they want them to.

The French people may have spoken at the ballot box, but the result clearly left some feeling very upset. Protests erupted in several French cities overnight, most particularly in Paris, where thousands gathered. The New Popular Front, which represents a spectrum of left wing parties from the pro-European Union centrists to full-blooded communists has earlier threatened they would “resist” the result if the RN won, and the protests may be the firs throes of that, although given there is a week to run until the second round of the election actually allocates the majority of the seats and decides whether Le Pen’s RN can command a majority in the house or not, perhaps expect more violence next week.

Comment of the week:  “Every dead cop means one less vote for Le Pen”, thus combining support for lawlessness with political terrorism in one pithy sentence.

On a parallel note:  the Greens got no votes at all (being part of the 3.1% “Other”, which encompasses over a dozen parties.

Roll on, Sunday.

*they aren’t, except by the standards of the Howling Left.