Cancerous Society

My French is slipping… what’s their word for “expulsion”, again?

49% of French Muslims want Catholics to convert to Islam, and that 36% percent want churches to be transformed into mosques.

France is a country where more than 70% of prison inmates are Muslim.

There are also more than two hundred rapes every day in France, most perpetrated by Muslim men who entered France illegally.

7% of illegal immigrants ordered to leave France are ever actually deported.

25% of French Muslims said that the word “France” is a word they reject.

If  a quarter of French Muslims reject the entire concept of “France”, wouldn’t it be prudent for the host body to reject them?  Or, to put it more bluntly, at what point, one wonders, do the French say “Assez!”  and start mass deportations?

At the least, I’d suggest improving amending French law to include castration as a penalty for rape, but no doubt the French, famously permissive when it comes to l’amour, would have a problem with that.

Oh yeah, the French for “expulsion” is expulsion.  I knew that.

Perfect Something

And another fine and wonderful thing comes under attack:

Michelangelo’s masterpiece, The Creation Of Man, on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is a symbol of white supremacy, according to one woke writer.

The world-renowned piece of art which features a white-skinned Adam reaching out his hand to God, has come under fire.

It has been called ‘the perfect convergence’ of Caucasian dominion.

My idea of “perfect convergence” would be that of an axe with this fuckwit’s head, but no doubt someone is going to have a problem with this.

Update:  Never mind;  it’s Robin DiAngelo.  Should have known.  Not even worth a rant, although I had one ready.  Every time this human shithole speaks, she lessens humanity’s sum of knowledge and goodness.

Worthless sack of wokist shit [redundancy alert].


More Bastardy From California

I thought this nonsense had been declared illegal:

Several major credit card companies have decided to move forward with a plan to track purchases made at gun retailers in California, CBS News reported Monday.

American Express, Visa, and Mastercard will implement a new merchant code for firearm and ammunition retailers, allowing banks to track “suspicious” purchases to comply with a new California law.

As I’ve said before, whenever government needs a BJ, corporations have absolutely no problem falling to their knees.


Cash.  Gun shows/estate sales.  Individual purchases.  (I don’t know how any of this would help CA residents, as they appear to be doomed, gun-wise.)

Update:  Seems like Idaho has the right idea, though.

Cute Name

The Daily Mail refers to them as “Rolex rippers” —  a cutesy name for thugs who attack and rob people in the streets for their watches:

A spate of luxury watch muggings in London is putting wealthy owners off flaunting their wrist candy — and may be contributing to collapsing demand for high-end timepieces.

The value of secondhand watches, as tracked by the Bloomberg Subdial Watch Index, is down more than 40 per cent since its peak in April 2022.

Major UK retailer Watches of Switzerland has seen its share price drop by 53 per cent this year after announcing it expects revenue to be 10 per cent lower than forecast, while Richemont, owner of Cartier, has said half year sales are down by 17 per cent.

Typical Mail ignorance used as panic creation.  The “spate of robberies” cannot affect more than a tiny percentage of luxury watch owners, and while London certainly has a large share of sales of these overpriced geegaws, it’s not enough to account for the dip in Richemont’s sales.

Aside:  For those who aren’t aware of the Richemont empire, it includes luxury brands like Montblanc pens, Cartier, IWC, Dunhill and Purdey (!!!).  It’s controlled by a South African one-time tobacco tycoon, Johann Rupert, who founded Richemont as a way to get out of the tobacco business.

What the downturn in Richemont sales would appear to mean is that the demand for luxury items is dipping due to economic concerns (not street thuggery) — except that when it comes to individual wealth, sales are trendy within the various divisions within the luxury market.  Such divisions include real estate, cars, precious metals, clothing, yachts, watches and so on.  And of course, while “fashion” plays a lot in this market, the real motivator for such spending is driven by investment.

Note, by the way, that Richemont doesn’t own Ferrari or Aston Martin (yet), and if Sotheby’s recent auction of “desirable” cars is anything to go by, a larger chunk of disposable income has been channeled in that direction — one 1956 Mercedes 300 SC can buy a couple dozen  Vacheron Constantin watches, for example.  (I’m also told by sources within the collectible car market that sales are softening there too, but the sales of luxury yachts are still firm, even growing.)

We won’t even talk about real estate prices in the South of France or similar “must-have” destinations like the Gulf states.

Against serious high-ticket items like yachts and resorts in the Greek islands, for instance, Montblanc pens and Rolex watches are pretty small potatoes.  That said, however, I certainly wouldn’t risk wearing a luxury watch in London nowadays — although the discreet Patek Philippe is certainly not as noticeable as the chunky Rolexes and Breitlings.

The real story here is not the ups and downs of economic trends or the spending of rich people, but the ever-increasing rise in street thuggery (and not just in London), which law enforcement agencies seem unwilling to address let alone reduce because racism.

I also note that the luxury real estate market in Manhattan seems to be softening, and I’m pretty sure that it’s getting more difficult to sell those $50 million+ condos in an area where increased street thuggery makes London look like a kiddies’ playground.

Unsurprisingly, the Daily Mail  talks hysterically about the thuggery (because hysteria is their stock-in-trade), but not a great deal about lenient prosecutors and police inaction.  That discussion seems to be more acceptable to conservative outlets like Breitbart News.

I Hate To Say It But

…I told you so.

A number of people have sent me this link, wherein seething Marxist Julius Malema is talking (yet again) about killing all White people in South Africa — what used to be known as genocide, except nowadays that doesn’t apply to killing White people.  #White Lives Don’t Matter, in other words.

Here’s a little something I wrote on the topic, back in March 2018:

I don’t think that South Africa will go Full Rhodesia. I think it will go Full Nazi Germany, with the Whites taking the place of the Jews. And I think — no, I am sure — that the rest of the world: the U.N., the West and anyone else that counts will do sweet fuck-all to stop it nor will they intervene in any way because African Blacks killing African Whites is just fine by the rest of the world because Apartheid.

Africa will win again.

And yes, I have friends and family still living there. My sister and her husband live on a farm.

All I can hope is that the few White South Africans who can, will still be able to flee to another country.  Certainly, the Jews (like my buddy Mervyn) always have the Israel option — and people like my sister, for example, who is married to a British citizen may be able to escape.  New Wife’s son likewise has a British passport.  Why they haven’t already left… I dunno.

As for the rest — mostly Afrikaners and English-speakers (like I used to be), born in South Africa with no convenient ties to a foreign country — face a certain fate.  Nobody will want them, nobody will take them in on humanitarian grounds, and having mostly been disarmed by both government regulation and denial of firearm permits, all they can do is wait to be herded onto the cattle cars, figuratively speaking.  (In fact, there will be no cattle cars, just wholesale slaughter in the streets and in their homes.)

If all this happens, it will be a humanitarian catastrophe, the scale of which will equal the Holocaust of WWII;  and just like then, the rest of the world will do nothing — in this case, not because they’re Jews, but because the White South Africans committed the unpardonable sin of being born White, and their grandparents supported apartheid.

And for those who think that the country will collapse into ruin and chaos, well:  it probably will.  But the Malema supporters won’t care because, you see, everything is only about right now, the future be damned.  It’s the African way, played out over and over again all over the benighted continent.

Africa will win again.  And lose; but they don’t care.