Stupid Times Two

From some newsletter comes this snippet:

Apart from the delicious irony (not to mention the blatant hypocrisy) of a Democrat politician being caught with a gun where he shouldn’t, there’s also the rank stupidity of forgetting that you have a gun in a bag which you know is going to be X-rayed at the airport.

That said, in studying Cooper’s official record, he doesn’t seem to be as bad as the other Californian Democrat snakes as far as guns are concerned.  His only “anti-gun” position seems to be his opposition to home-made guns (the stupidly-named “ghost guns” the Democrats are always moaning about).  Likewise, his district is a mix of Sacramento suburb (Elk Grove) and a ton of farmland stretching all the way south to Lodi and Galt, so it’s fair to assume that he’s not going to be as strident an anti-gun asshole as his Democrat buddies in San Francisco and L.A.

I would be really curious, though, to see his position on concealed carry.  Perhaps my few CA Readers can help me on this point.

Sue Them Out Of Existence

…Ford, that is, after the Waukesha incident where (according to the NYT) an SUV killed several people in a Christmas parade.

Ford is clearly responsible for the criminal misuse of its product. Yes, the company is selling a legal product through legal means, but it is ultimately Ford’s duty and moral obligation to ensure that criminals or those with potential future criminal intent are not able to acquire its products, whether through a Ford dealership, a used car dealer, a private party sale, or even by theft.

Silly, is it?  Change “Ford” to “Remington” or “Colt”, and “car” to “gun” — and this is precisely what the media and Left are advocating.

Evil bastards.

Ah, Texas

Here’s one guaranteed to make the GFW Brigade have fits:

The owner of a Texas gun store and shooting range is holding a “not guilty sale” after Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges last Friday.

The Saddle River Range in Conroe sent a text message to customers about the “Pre-Black Friday clearance sale” which started Saturday and will last through Thanksgiving.

My favorite part?

“We would like to clear up some confusion, the post states. “We are celebrating the life that Kyle Rittenhouse now gets to live because he was able to defend himself without being penalized for it. This is a big win for the Second Amendment and cause for celebration. For those of you who think we are celebrating “the death of innocent people”, we apologize that you didn’t take the time to gather and evaluate the actual facts from the case.”

Brilliant.  And thankee Reader Mike S who sent it to me.

The Beat Goes On…

Looks like it’s a Sonny & Cher kinda day, because (once again via Insty) I see the following:

President Joe Biden’s latest round of attacks on guns is helping to drive a historic sales surge that continues to leave store shelves bare of firearms and ammunition.
Industry officials said that June sales were the second-highest ever for the month, at about 1.3 million. Only June 2020 had a higher number for that month, at 2,177,586.

Anyone checked the availability of AR-15s recently?  Orders still backed up out to infinity?  Thought so.

And now that the 9mm/5.56mm ammo pipeline seems to be opening up, things are going ahead as planned.

Not as planned by Biden and the anti-gunners, of course, which is why they’re running around like headless chickens, trying to pass all sorts of stopgap anti-gun legislation.

Now if we can just get the increased flow of .45 ACP to lower the prices down from nosebleed levels, maybe I can get some 1911 practice going again.  My Springfield thinks I must have left town or something…

Of Course Not

Via Insty:

Of course, if his name was Bubba Gutshott Jr., there’d be outdoor signs, fundraising letters and CNN chevrons ablaze with his name for the next six months.  And you can be sure that the most egregious piece of anti-2A legislation would be called the “Gutshott Law”.

But a Muzzie?  “Never mind him, let’s talk about the gun he used.”

Fucking hypocrites.