One More Thing

When I mentioned above that I’m sick of writing about politics, I should have mentioned that chief among these are articles describing how California has fucked up and how terrible things are going to be.


Even articles by brilliant writers (Jennifer Hernandez, Victor Davis Hanson, Heather Mac Donald etc.) get short shrift from me when the topic is Fucked-Up California.

We all know how the Golden Shower State is in thrall to Lefties, race hustlers, criminal apologists and other such filth.  We all know that California’s heading down the tubes to such a degree that The Big One is more likely to be a blessed relief than a catastrophe.  And we all know that Californian cities have become dystopian pits, drowning in shit, needles, crime and rampant homelessness, almost all of which can be ascribed to their insane laws and regulations.  It’s all going to crash and burn, and California will end up worse off than New Mexico, and become America’s Greatest African Paradise.

And I, for one, no longer care enough to write about it.

Family Tree

We’re all used to “non-White” women who turn out to be, well, snow White (Elizabeth Warren and Rachel Dolezal, to name but a couple).

How about a “descendant of slaves” radical Marxist Black activist whose actual ancestor was one of the Mayflower Pilgrims?

It’s not often a news item gets me chuckling, but this one sure as hell did.

Oh, That’s Okay Then

I am truly heartened that no less luminary than Nicholas Fuckface Kristof of the NYFT  has promised, cross his little Commie heart, that Gun Confiscators Inc. has no intention of messing with my sporting activities.

Thus we should reassure gun owners that we’re not going to come after their deer rifles or bird guns. That makes it politically easier to build a consensus on steps to keep dangerous people from lethal weapons like 9-millimeter handguns.

Ummm no, sorry.  And let’s not be sidetracked by the “dangerous people” trope, because only he (or the “authorities”) will get to define what constitutes “dangerous”.  If he means “criminals”, well, that’s already illegal (for all the good it does in stopping criminals from getting hold of guns).

No, let’s be in no doubt that his (and no doubt the Gummint’s) definition of “dangerous” will, with absolute certainty, include people like me, with our “dangerous” views on Second Amendment rights.

Not that I care — at least in the 9-millimeter sense — because I prefer the manly .45 ACP and .357 Mag calibers over the Europellet anyway but even in jest, let’s not give him and his kind the benefit of the doubt on this, because we know they’re all fucking liars, and they consider any cartridge objectionable.

Kristof, if you think that your transparent little platitude is going to win over the “only hunters” group (a.k.a. the “Fudds”, as we call them), you could not possibly be more wrong, and your efforts to confiscate / ban guns of any description will never be “politically easier”.

So fuck off and die, because we’re not ever going to compromise on the gun issue — 20,000+ existing gun laws means that we’ve already (over-) compromised — and your job from here on is going to be progressively [sic]  more difficult, actually impossible.

That’s our promise to you.

Yet Another Reason

…why we should never allow a society where only the cops have guns:

Kim Jong Un’s new secret squads will execute anyone viewing pornography under the North Korean dictator’s efforts to clamp down on ‘foreign influences’.
Enforcers are working to stamp out foreign television, hair cuts and even birthday parties, according to testimony from a defector included in a new report.
The squads, known as ‘gruppa’ or ‘non-socialist groups’, are tasked by Pyongyang to pursue violations of the Communist Party’s official ideology.

And as for that Surveillance Society thing:

‘The groups operate as a hidden tool, which is used by the government to achieve their ultimate objectives of ubiquitous surveillance and the ability to thoroughly oversee each and every resident,’ the report says.

If they can execute you just for a triviality like watching Wanda Whips Wall Street, they can kill you for having dirty fingernails.  Or using the “wrong” pronouns.

The State is never your friend.

And here’s one for the gruppa, just because I can:

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When Totalitarians Gather

From the gathering of bastards at Davos, the latest little bit of mischief comes from Oily Little Shit Tony Blair:

“I think there is a huge impetus for a national digital infrastructure, digitisation in healthcare is one of the great game changers, we should be helping countries develop a national digital infrastructure, which they will need with these new vaccines.”

Impetus among statist motherfuckers like Blair, that is.  And from his replacement Commie Bastard in Britishland:

The leader of the opposition Labour Party and the odds-on favourite to become the next prime minister of the United Kingdom, Sir Keir Starmer, said that he prefers Davos over Westminster.
“It’s closed and we are not having meaning… once you get out of Westminster, whether it’s Davos or anywhere else, you actually engage with people that you can see working with in the future. Westminster is just a tribal, shouting place.”

Of course, it’s far easier to enact oppression when there’s no “shouted opposition” — just ask Adolf Hitler, whose favorite political tool was the Enabling Act of 1933.

And you think that the WEF attendees aren’t just drooling for similar legislation in their own countries, you’re deluding yourself.

Why are these fascist bastards still alive?  Asking for a friend.