Of Course You Can’t Do That

It IS the most fundemental issue facing us right now:

The American Left (aided and abetted by some conservatives) believes that the government, not parents, should determine the content of a child’s mind—their ideas, their principles, and their values. A few weeks after McAuliffe’s tone-deaf faux pas, two authors writing in The Washington Post summed up the Left’s position in the title of their op-ed: “Parents claim they have the right to shape their kids’ school curriculum. They don’t.” Parents should have neither the right nor the authority, according to the Post’s writers, to determine the ideas taught to their children. This task should be left to the “experts”—to the experts of the Education Establishment. The authors go on to claim that “education should prepare young people to think for themselves, even if that runs counter to the wishes of their parents.”


“When it comes to society’s interest in protecting children, the legal precedent is unambiguous: The rights of parents come second.” But the question is, if parents’ rights come second when it comes to protecting or educating their children, then whose rights come first? And the authors’ answer is obvious: society’s rights, the government’s rights, the rights of the public-policy experts trump those of parents.

I need to quit now, because bullshit like this makes one of my fingers twitch really badly.  Let’s call it this one, just for the official record:

(but I could be lying)

And that’s even after having completed my own kids’ homeschooling many years ago.  But despite that, this is a hill I’d be prepared to die on, if called to do so.

Quick reminder to the “experts” and the State-sponsored thugs they use for “enforcement” :  if you want to see a serious piece of social upheaval, start fucking with people’s kids.  Virginia parents’ reaction to the CRT curricula isn’t even an appetizer.

Our kids are ours.  They are not the possession of the State.  But go ahead and poke that nest of rattlesnakes with your short little sticks…

Quote Of The Day

Former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D):

“I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

Democrat / Socialist attitude, explained in a single sentence.  Two concepts in one:

“All your child are belong to us.”

“We know better than you what your kids should be learning.”

Is it too soon to start the public hangings?

Simple Solution

From this Niall Ferguson article via Insty (thankee, squire) comes a gem:

Last week, the Rhodium Group’s Logan Wright estimated that there was enough empty property in China to house more than 90 million people.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  Housing for 90 million dispossessed and poverty-stricken Afghans, Haitians, Venezuelans, Mexicans, Africans and Palestinians?

Could the answer be that simple?  Let’s hear the response from the ChiComs…

[exit, cackling like a maniac]


Every magician knows the trick:  to distract the audience’s attention, they do something with one hand while the other performs the manipulations necessary for the trick to work.  And thus it is with the current Democrat Establishment:

Rochelle Walensky, a Democratic Party activist who happens to direct the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, is promoting new COVID-19 measures at the instruction of her boss, Joe Biden. These measures would require masks even for vaccinated Americans entering public buildings and for students and teachers in public schools.
Although such impositions may displease readers of this journal, until now they have made sense politically. They are intended to distract us from the colossally stupid things the Democratic administration has unleashed on us. Focusing public attention on a health crisis caused by the Delta variant provides a diversion from everything that should be laid at Biden’s doorstep, such as the explosion of violent crimes in American cities, rising inflation, uncontrolled borders, and the takeover of the military and education by the intersectional Left. If the Democrats can get Americans to concentrate on their “crises,” such as the putative danger of a right-wing insurrection and a raging COVID pestilence, then voters might be distracted from other things.

Okay, we all know that there’s no danger, putative or otherwise, of a “right-wing insurrection” other than in the sick projections of the people talking about it, e.g. President Braindead and his equally-braindead minions in the Justice Department and its testicle tentacle offices such as the FBI and parts of the DHS.  (A couple hundred people acting like idiots in the hallowed halls [sic]  of Congress do not an insurrection make, as much as the Communists are claiming it as such.)

But as the article rightly puts it, we need to avoid the waving (albeit irritating) hand and concentrate on the really important stuff:  the horrifying mega-budget being pushed on us by the Leftists (and even some asshole Republicans too, for shame);  the flooding of our border defenses by illegal migrants and criminals;  the foul Critical Race Theory which is poisoning our kids and undermining our military, to say nothing of other less-important institutions such as our sports organizations, corporations and other parts of our everyday lives.  And most importantly, our First- and Second Amendment freedoms are being circumscribed and undermined on a daily basis by this same disgusting ruling establishment,

All the above being aided and abetted by the media, academia and politicians, of course.

Sadly, it’s a war of many fronts, but it is nevertheless a war that has to be fought every single day — because the Left is assaulting us with blatant lies and subterfuges every day and at every turn.

I’m not saying we should ignore annoyances such as mask mandates, of course.  But in ignoring, mocking or opposing them, we should not lose sight of the important issues which should take most of our effort and support.