I was Going To Write This Article

…but Beege at Hot Air beat me to it.

The elections in England and France over the past week have been stellar examples of that, with surging populist parties echoing the concerns and voices of a good portion of the citizenry prior to the ballot box. But when vote push came to election shove, and parliamentary election rules being what they are in foreign countries, the feared and despised “right-wing” did make serious gains. But their hopes of election day triumphs were vanquished in both countries by simple math in one – England – and completely legal electioneering machinations by the Left in another – France.

Alas. The right has more seats at the table in both countries, but they do not control the head chair, and this leaves both countries under the sway of pretty liberal Leftist governments, with France being the vastly more radical of the two.

Read the rest for the gory — and I mean gory — details.

By the way:  I’m still feeling sick;  better than last week, but sick nevertheless.


  1. Thinking of what the wogs and commies have done to both my ancestral homes (England/Normandy) is enough to make one sick even without Wuhan/NIH assistance,
    Pray you get well and that the pestilence recedes from our shores come next January following inoculation November 5th this year.

  2. England was lost decades ago. Probably in the 1920s or 1930s. they had a few bright spots. The ouster of Churchill after WWII really sent the message that the English really did want national socialism. Despite learning how bad it was since they elected the Iron Lady to reverse course, folks in Great Britain have hungered for more centralized power by the government every since.

    France? what can you say? it’s a shame the US didn’t help De Gualle and company dismantle the communist party in France from the 1950s onward.

  3. My 20 year old German exchange student summarized the situation in a nutshell in 1990 or 1991, as we stood near the Brandenburg Gate after walking around the still grim, neglected and sterile East Berlin.
    “I hate the goddamned Communists; they fuck up everything.”

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