1. I wonder if the Goblin could be considered Road Kill, and if another food truck will be offering Taco Especials tomorrow?

    Best to avoid any Texican food trucks for the next couple of weeks.

  2. I used to work in that neighborhood. It’s quite open and public and pre-covid it was fairly busy during lunch time. I would eat in that area about twice a month. It always felt fairly safe to me.

    Lots of restaurants and food trucks in that area. Was it just bad victim selection, or have things gotten a lot worse?

    So glad I don’t have to go into the city any more.

    1. Oops. Twitter had the wrong address. It wasn’t 14500 Main, it was 14500 South Main.
      I know nothing about this area.

  3. Well, now, both food truck owner’s son and his uncle know when Mama hollers “Frog!” they’d better jump.

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