News Roundup

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From the Dept. of Dirty Mimsies:

...just as Hillary Clinton said in 2016.

...I wonder how many other women in the world would swap teams for a billion smackers?  Depressing, innit?

...oh FFS, kill me now.

From the Dept. of Health:

...influenza and head colds were not available for comment.

And in the Education Dept:

...and not just in monetary terms, either.

...forget it, Jake.  It’s Hymietown.

In Furrin News:

...sometimes, even the Italians are worth emulating — and I am loving EyetiePM Meloni a little more each day.

...Dream, meet Reality as BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Porsche workers face layoffsBelgian auto industry would be untouched. doubt, they’ll still be killing each other for centuries over this one. [/Balkans] about a no-brainer.

Back Home: that’s ever going to happenAnd when Garland & Co are led to the killing pits on the Glorious Day, they’ll wail plaintively, “But what did we do to deserve this?”

...which reminds me, I need to get some more ammo en route to the range today.

...or not.  Most likely not.  It’s not Disney, after all.

...ah yes:  Captain Nobody, striving for relevancy as always.

...#1:  upright, at the checkout register at Tiffany’s, holding his Amex Black Card.  Multiple City.


...algorithms strike again.


…and that’s all the news you can bare.


    1. That sounds like a place a sober alcoholic would go, to try to enjoy the atmosphere without plummeting back into addiction. But I suspect that if he enjoys it, it will just increase his hunger for a real bar, followed by getting stinking drunk.

  1. Thoughts on the News Roundup

    1. I’ve been around a l-o-n-g time, I’ve never heard that particular anatomical location referred to as a “mimsy.” I’ve learned something today.
    2. Screw college! you can sign up for a Blue-Collar apprentice program at age 16, get paid Union Scale from day one, benefits up the backside, and a six-figure paycheck when you reach Journeyman status. And NO STUDENT LOANS to pay back. Want all those cool grown-up toys? Learn a manly trade, break a sweat, and go for it!
    3. If Merrick Garland is breathing, he’s lying. Rope, tree, etc., etc.
    4. Gun confiscation. Really? Show me a Democrat administration that hasn’t suggested something like that since the Kennedy assassination. And every time, cooler heads reminded them that it will never work, that it’s unconstitutional, and that it would most certainly trigger Revolution 2.0. Puh-leeze. Democrats: your stupid is showing!
    5. Chris WHO? Last I heard, wasn’t he working some carnival side-show, or something?
    6. The summer is coming pic: around here, those lovelies are overdressed.
    7. Your final pic: I know a young couple in their mid-70s who would not hesitate to take a walk on a sunny beach in their birthday suits. 55 years married and still crazy in love.

  2. WTF is artificial meat? If you don’t want to eat meat, fine, eatcher veggies or you won’t get yer pudding.
    Looks like The Four Horsewimmen have a serious drapes and carpet mismatch.

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