Best Ever

We’ve often seen those “Before & After” pics of people who’d had enough of being fat, scrawny, etc. and decided to do something about it.  Here’s one such, where a woman ballooned after having kids, felt ashamed of herself, and did something about it.

That’s pretty impressive.  Here’s another:


But the best I’ve ever seen is this one, where a woman married fat, had kids, and then — twenty years later — ended up looking sensational:


Just… wow.  Good for her — and good for her husband, who’s stuck by her through thick  and thin [sic].

Quelle Surprise

I am always amused when women all claim to love a Bad Boy, and then when they get involved with one, are all surprised when he turns out to be, well, actually badSuch as this idiot:

Evan Rachel Wood has described in horrific detail how her ex-boyfriend Marilyn Manson allegedly tied her up, beat her with a Nazi whip, and electrically shock her genitals when she tried to break up with him.

Errrr perhaps this may have been a slight clue that there was something wrong with the boy, young lady:

Just sayin’.  A little commonsense and (dare I say) parental advice heeded may have saved you all the (literal) butt-hurt.


Here’s an interesting one:

In the wake of her breakup with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Danica Patrick is sending out an important disclaimer to all potential future partners: “The next guy has his work cut out for him because my intuition, my standards, my boundaries, my wants and needs are, like, off the charts, because I’ve gotten to know me so much more. So it’s going to be so much more narrow and specific,” said Patrick.

When asked for a comment, Aaron Rodgers said, “Thank fuck I’m rid of that whiny, self-centered loser.  I mean, look at my record:

“Seriously,” Rodgers continued, “I did all that — and what’s her record?  Entered over a thousand races, won none of them except maybe some no-account shit in Japan or Korea or something.”  Pausing to chug a quick shot of Gran Patrón Platinum, Rodgers added, “She doesn’t even have a decent set of tits, FFS.”

Rodgers concluded, “Sorry, guys, I gotta go.  I have a date with a real woman.”

Some of the above might actually be true.  But this certainly is:

Danica Patrick has confirmed that she has split up with Carter Comstock after nearly a full year of dating.

Sounds like ol’ Aaron done dodged a bullet.

Not Entitled

Here’s an interesting story:

Anonymous British woman asks if she is being unreasonable to think her partner should be helping her with finances at a time where she is struggling.

In her post, she explained that although she is normally financially stable, she has had a difficult time while waiting to be paid for a job she did a few months ago.  She’s eaten through her savings and is relying on credit cards – all while her partner has just come into a huge sum of money.  After inheriting £500,000, she expected her boyfriend to offer to help with her finances to allow her to afford food.

She explained that they’ve been together for two years and don’t live in the same house, but that he’s told her she’s his ‘life partner’.

Key word here:  “boyfriend”.  He doesn’t owe her anything, although on a personal note, I think he’s being a complete asshole.

Still, he is already supporting his own child (by another woman, ex-wife?), so maybe he’s just being wary — and in these modern times, who can blame him?

I think she should dump his worthless ass out in the street — how much worse can her predicament get if he’s not helping her out anyway?

And we’ve all been there, waiting to get paid while an erstwhile client’s accounting department waits and waits to pay their bills, thinking that this makes them heroes to management.  This bullshit cost me most of my gun collection several years ago, and thank gawd I had the guns to sell because otherwise I’d have been living in my car, assuming I could have kept up the payments on that, too.  (The amounts were significant, by the way:  I had a monthly nut of about $4,500, and this one single account payable was about $27,000;  hence, I think, the client’s shenanigans.  Quick to spend, slow to pay, the bastards.)

All round, it’s a lousy situation.

Doing The Right Thing

Taking a break from locking people up in their homes, beating them up in the streets and harassing them for not wearing paper face condoms, the OzPM does something right, for a change:

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison has backed what he called a ‘terrific’ bill that would ban transgender athletes from single-sex sports

‘The primary policy intent of the Bill is to acknowledge that categorisation by sex is a necessary and important mechanism to provide sporting participation and competitive opportunities for females. It seeks to ensure that women’s single-sex sport is protected and encouraged, and that a male person is not entitled to demand inclusion into women’s sport on the basis of gender identity.’

Predictably, the Usual Suspects have thrown a hissy fit:

Rights groups have slammed the bill and reacted angrily to Morrison’s comments, arguing that the amendment would see transgender people excluded.

Let’s just examine this for a moment.  While it is claimed that there are “thousands” of transgenderists in Australia (a topic for another time), the actual number of people who’ll be affected by this bill is a few dozen, at the most:  men thinking they’re women who want to participate in top-class competitive sport.

Caution — Pineapples

Over the weekend, I learned something new.

Apparently, wearing a pineapple sign on your person may indicate to others that you’re an adherent of “The Lifestyle” — i.e. a swinger.  Thus, innocently wearing either of the shirts below could get you all sorts of unwelcome invitations.


or welcome invitations, perhaps.

Just be warned, it can get kinda busy in there:


Never done it myself, nor wanted to, really.  But some folks dig it, despite the obvious dangers.

Maybe just wear an unobtrusive little badge, if you’re that way inclined…?