Good Preparations

I draw your attention to this woman’s SHTF prep, not because of its extent — it seems quite reasonable for a family, and for an extended period of time.

Rowan MacKenzie, 38, a homemaker from Missouri, became a social media phenomenon after revealing she’s been prepping her home for 11 years because of fear of an emergency and has upped the ante, spending nearly $30,000 on supplies as a result of the intensification of the war between Russia and Ukraine.  Rowan claims most of her stock will last up to 25 years and she has a ‘flawless’ rotation system to ensure there isn’t any waste.

Her reasoning is quite sound and the photos are of particular interest;  but for a good giggle, read the article and then the comments which follow.

Did they all miss the part about her laying in extra guns and ammo?  Pity the fool…

However, her biggest piece of advice?  Stock up on weaponry.  She said: “The number one must for any bunker is defense. I would highly recommend having a few guns and knives in your bunker at all times, along with ample amounts of ammunition.  You need to protect yourself, especially in a ‘dog-eat-dog’ situation.  It’s kill or be killed and you need the best possible chance of survival.”

Also, this being (I bet) rural or semi-rural Missouri, her neighbors will have made similar preparations, so any interaction between her and them will be of the “Can I swap a cup of sugar for a can of beans?” variety.  If that.

Good for her, and a pox on the naysayers and mockers.


  1. In that article is a picture of her “weapons” that shows some sort of what appears to be a black plastic case. I’ve never seen a case like that. Anyone know the brand name or model?

  2. First rule of prep club is you do not talk about prep club. She made a big mistake doing the interview.

    1. Amen to that. “Why aren’t you prepping?” “I don’t need to; we’re coming to your place.”

  3. Don’t really care about what the foreigners think.

    If that’s what she wants to do then good for her. She’s hurting no one. My grandparents had a small room in the basement that was filled with food regularly. Also in there was a freezer. Add a camp stove and they were all set for any hurricanes and winter storms that came by. They stocked up when things were on sale. Growing up we had the same thing under our cellar stairs. The freezer was nearby.

    For food and ammunition, buy it cheap stack it deep.


  4. I grew up in rural Missouri. Plenty of Mormons, Mennonites and Missourians would simply call her stash “a good start.”
    I feel like 6-12 months of protein, fat and carbs, a clean water source, a dry roof and room for a new latrine every 3 months is the basic requirement for sustainability (oh yeah, and 1,000 rounds and an AK for everyone over 13 in the house).
    I see a lot of preppers (mostly on Reddit, which is the largest collection of dumbasses in the galaxy) talk about how they are going to share their preps with “the community.” Bulllllllllsheet. If you live in the ‘burbs of a big democratic run shithole (like I do: Washington, DC), you’re going to have to “persuade” the feral inner city yoots to move on from your AOR, or leave a stack of their bodies to do it for you. I’m caustically optimistic that most will manage to steal enough cars and gas to make it to West Virginia or North Carolina before they hit empty. Then they’ll be forced to hit the hollers where they have no kith nor kin, and that will be the end of them. Unfortunately, I’m surrounded by AWFL’s (Affluent White Female Liberals) and their cuck husbands, who think FEDCO will deliver their Wegman’s and Hello Fresh orders while they set up a “community sharing circle” in the cul de sac.

    I guess that’s not all bad though. They’ll be the first to go and then I can harvest their cabinets and fridges for the leftover White Claws and Boars Head coldcuts.

      1. Hey, he’s not advocating White Claw. He’s saying you harvest what’s available, and he figures that’s what AWFL’s drink.

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