(South) Africa Sinking

From Longtime Friend & Reader Larry A. comes this question:

“I was thinking about you the other day when reading about South Africa’s plan to strip land from the white farmers, and the promise that they were not calling for slaughter of the whites, ‘for now’. I am well aware of your Let Africa Sink essay from the Olde Days, but wondered if you think it will go full Rhodesia this time? Do you still have family / friends there that you are concerned are at risk? The silence of the media (in this country at least) is deafening.

I don’t think that South Africa will go Full Rhodesia. I think it will go Full Nazi Germany, with the Whites taking the place of the Jews. And I think — no, I am sure — that the rest of the world: the U.N., the West and anyone else that counts* will do sweet fuck-all to stop it nor will they intervene in any way because African Blacks killing African Whites is just fine by the rest of the world because Apartheid.

Africa will win again.

And yes, I have friends and family still living there. My sister and her husband live on a farm. Does that answer your question?

*Except maybe Australia, bless ’em.


  1. I agree that nobody is going to intervene. Some might help protect the evacuation.

    If Trump is still President when the shooting starts, he hopefully will agree to take in many of the refugees. Along with Australia, I wouldn’t be surprised if Eastern European countries open their doors. They could use people and seem to have no interest in unskilled Muslims.

    Then… Africa will really win – 50 million non-whites in a country with no agriculture. Famine and plague until the population is back to what it was when the Europeans arrived (somewhere under a million).

  2. In my childhood I met a number of Jews from Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire who fled Europe in the late twenties and early thirties (my father among them) with nothing but the clothes on their backs; not one of them needed the Berufsbeamtengesetz to foretell the future. Surely the Boers today don’t need the prophesies of Cassandra to tell them their fates are sealed.

  3. “I think it will go Full Nazi Germany, with the Whites taking the place of the Jews.”

    Question: Are the white South Africans armed?

    1. I’ve seen reports that they had a full gun registration a few years ago and are now demanding confiscation. This, after at least a couple decades of the ANC chanting and singing “Kill the Boere! Kill the farmers!”

  4. Why did you leave Kim? Did you see this coming…?

    Call me a racist bigot – but I would have bailed out long ago. I have the wrong opinions about race realism and so far my hatey opinions and predictions are bearing out at 100%.

    1. I saw it coming in the early 1980s. Which is why I left in the mid-80s. I just thought it would happen sooner than it has.

  5. Unfortunately, all too likely. Which I find infuriating, as the USA could pick up some immigrants with marketable skills.

    Were I a white South African, I’d be emigrating by the end of the year.

  6. So here in the southern part of Oz, in our small city, my GP is from South Africa; the local photographer wiz is too; and the lass who for some years was a senior reporter at the local newspaper; and a trio of dentists, etc. One of the surgeons hails from there (He is a member of our Pistol Club, and learning well). A few white Rhodesian farmers came and set up a fresh produce market.
    All Good People- we are happy to welcome them to our community.
    Sad that a farmer is dispossessed of his/her land, to see it return to weeds and ruin. But we can find a place for them.
    Rainbow Nation – my hairy buttocks! More like necklacing and mugging academy.
    (The doc visited his old homeland recently, and is much saddened by what he saw).
    These people are an asset – make them welcome.

  7. Thankfully, OZ has opened her doors to her displaced cousins.
    Sort of ironic when you remember the saga of “Breaker Morant” and the Brit victory over the Boers – I wonder what ever happened to that Allenby fellow./s

  8. I fear the full Zimbabwe, but also that there will be much bloodshed beforehand. The Boers didn’t take the British lying down, and they won’t take the RSA lying down either.

    Speaking of which, what is the RSA army like?

  9. My little former neighborhood in west Texas was quite multinational, what with my Polish wife, the two related Paki neighbors to the right, and across the street, the nice South African guy and his raised in the US but born in the Netherlands wife. His parents came for visits a few times while we lived there, and stayed about a month at a time, and were wonderful to talk to with their Afrikaaner accented English. The are sheep ranchers, and as ignorant as I am of SA politics, from my discussions with you, Kim, and my other SA friends from my jaunts abroad, he seemed to think I knew more than the average American bear, Booboo. Anyway, I asked him, if they can leave, if they can get visas to the US (they have another child in another part of the US as well), why don’t you? He just shrugged and said, “Afreeka eez MY home, dey not gonna run me outta my home.”
    Can’t really argue with that, and I respect and admire him, but at the same time….. I just don’t think I could do it. But then I haven’t spent 60 years building up a piece of land my dad grew up on, either, so….

  10. I had a friend from South Afrika, back in the early 80’s. Damned if I can remember his name, but his skin was the color of coal, and he spoke the queens English. The first couple of times I met him,it was freaky. He was on an exchange project, coming here to work, and I was training him on some of the different aspects of steel making where I worked. We made steels for everything from pistol frames, to tools, to shotgun barrels, to the hot stages of jet engines. A lot of it was high tech stuff.

    The young guy was actually a very thoughtful and intelligent man, who was not lazy at all, he asked the right questions, and understood what I had told him or he would not let me continue until he did. He was a pleasure to train.

    Much has happened in South Africa now, and not for the better, I am afraid. This young man was from Johanassburg, which is pretty much considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world right now. It is really sad, because of it’s unique location, and some of it’s mineral deposits, they could become a thriving nation, save for the corrupt leadership. Alas, that seems to be the way it is in much of Africa.

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