I Hate To Say It But

…I told you so.

A number of people have sent me this link, wherein seething Marxist Julius Malema is talking (yet again) about killing all White people in South Africa — what used to be known as genocide, except nowadays that doesn’t apply to killing White people.  #White Lives Don’t Matter, in other words.

Here’s a little something I wrote on the topic, back in March 2018:

I don’t think that South Africa will go Full Rhodesia. I think it will go Full Nazi Germany, with the Whites taking the place of the Jews. And I think — no, I am sure — that the rest of the world: the U.N., the West and anyone else that counts will do sweet fuck-all to stop it nor will they intervene in any way because African Blacks killing African Whites is just fine by the rest of the world because Apartheid.

Africa will win again.

And yes, I have friends and family still living there. My sister and her husband live on a farm.

All I can hope is that the few White South Africans who can, will still be able to flee to another country.  Certainly, the Jews (like my buddy Mervyn) always have the Israel option — and people like my sister, for example, who is married to a British citizen may be able to escape.  New Wife’s son likewise has a British passport.  Why they haven’t already left… I dunno.

As for the rest — mostly Afrikaners and English-speakers (like I used to be), born in South Africa with no convenient ties to a foreign country — face a certain fate.  Nobody will want them, nobody will take them in on humanitarian grounds, and having mostly been disarmed by both government regulation and denial of firearm permits, all they can do is wait to be herded onto the cattle cars, figuratively speaking.  (In fact, there will be no cattle cars, just wholesale slaughter in the streets and in their homes.)

If all this happens, it will be a humanitarian catastrophe, the scale of which will equal the Holocaust of WWII;  and just like then, the rest of the world will do nothing — in this case, not because they’re Jews, but because the White South Africans committed the unpardonable sin of being born White, and their grandparents supported apartheid.

And for those who think that the country will collapse into ruin and chaos, well:  it probably will.  But the Malema supporters won’t care because, you see, everything is only about right now, the future be damned.  It’s the African way, played out over and over again all over the benighted continent.

Africa will win again.  And lose; but they don’t care.


  1. I would not live in a place where I could not possess the tools to properly protect myself, my wife, and my property.

    I cannot get my head around the mindset of people that choose to live that way and I have no sympathy for them.

    Yes, asswipe biden, the army taught me how to take down a jet and how to cook a tank like a can of spam.

  2. IMHO, South Africa (or whatever new, unpronounceable tribal name they’re going to give it in the UN) has already passed the point of no return and the U.S. A. is already closing in on that point rapidly.

  3. Australia and the US should take any white farmer that wants to relocate. They are very good large acreage dry land farmers. I can’t believe the number of young SA farm kids that come up to work for their winter and actually go home. You would think most would pull a runner and stay where they are wanted. They have a great reputation as hard workers who are used to operating large scale farm equipment without difficulty as well as having manners and a work ethic.

  4. so tell me again just why is colonialism so bad?

    Just remember this gem from Cassius Clay, aka Muhammed Ali:

    In the early 1970s Muhammad Ali fought for the heavyweight title against George Foreman. The fight was held in the African nation of Zaire; it was insensitively called the “rumble in the jungle.” Ali won the fight, and upon returning to the United States, he was asked by a reporter, “Champ, what did you think of Africa?” Ali replied, “Thank God my granddaddy got on that boat!” There is a characteristic mischievous pungency to Ali’s remark, yet it also expresses a widely held sentiment. Ali recognizes that for all the horror of slavery, it was the transmission belt that brought Africans into the orbit of Western freedom. The slaves were not better off—the boat Ali refers to brought the slaves through a horrific Middle Passage to a life of painful servitude—yet their descendants today, even if they won’t admit it, are better off. Ali was honest enough to admit it.

  5. Kim, I do hope your sister and husband come to their senses, sell the farm, and bug out before the feral apes come and take it from them, maybe killing them in the process.
    IIRC, what’s happening now in SA is a repeat of the Mugabeing of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, where the blacks killed off/drove out the white farmers and any other whites with know-how, and turned the breadbasket of sub-Saharan Africa into a starving zone, leading millions of Zimbabweans to flee to SA to avoid starvation in their own country. Now, where will the SA blacks flee to when the food is gone?
    Blacks, as a culture or race, operate on emotion, not logic, and have no thought of consequences for their actions, and unless some other country steps in (China? Obiden because black?) they will starve.

  6. How seriously is Malema to be taken as someone who might rise to the top of South Africa’s government, or is he just the loudmouth leader of a small but dangerous faction? As far as I can tell, his party gets less than 10% of the vote in national elections and holds only 44 out of 490 seats in Parliament. So the real danger seems to be either that his followers go on a genocidal rampage without support from the government, or that they stage a Bolshevik revolution and the other 90% of South Africans are too demoralized to stop them.

  7. Namibia would be the logical choice to accept the white refugees, if/when “the $hit hits the fan”.

  8. It’s really sad. What you said way back when (even before 2018) married with what other Saffers of my acquaintance said. It’s not a safe place for whites.

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