Domestic Terrorism

Oh, this is fun:

In the middle of the night Wednesday, police arrested an armed California man near Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home after the man allegedly told officers he wanted to kill the justice.

Of course, he’ll only be charged with illegal possession of a firearm, will plead down to misdemeanor picking his nose in public, and be freed on $10 bail.

I leave it to my Readers’ imaginations as to what would have happened had this been a Texan stalking judges Kagan, Sotomayor or that new Commie.  Especially the latter, her being Black and all.


  1. Never fear, the investigation has been turned over to the FBI. I have total confidence that the will find the right wing connection and arrest half a dozen randos for lying to them.

    Seriously, though if the Supremes (including Kavanaugh) had done their job back in 2020, they wouldn’t be having this problem.

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