Well, Here We Are

Seems as though the horrible Washington Post has had to pull a cartoon for being, and I quote, “grossly mischaracterizing” and “blatantly mocking the crisis in the Middle East”.  Also, “The caricatures employ racial stereotypes that were offensive and disturbing. Depicting Arabs with exaggerated features and portraying women in derogatory, stereotypical roles perpetuates racism and gender bias, which is wholly unacceptable.”

So what’s all the fuss about?  If the Post can’t publish it, I sure as hell can:

So if Ramirez had made the spokesman look like Owen Wilson and the cowering woman was wearing a bikini, then everything would be okay?

And the terrorists do exactly what the cartoon shows:  hide behind women and children, then scream bloody murder when the women and children are harmed.

Feel free to explain to me exactly what is inaccurate in the above.

Oh and by the way, for those who are Perpetually Indignant, cartoons are supposed to shock and surprise people.

And fuck you.

On A Roll

…is what the VodkaPundit has been recently.  This one in particular is trademark Stephen-Funny:

Imagine you’re a people like the South Syrian Arabs who (barely) populated the region between the Jordan and the sea a hundred years ago. Suddenly, pioneer Zionists start showing up and offering money for your crappy bits of desert. Next thing you know, the Jewish-run parts are turning green with forests and lush with crops, and modern cities spring up out of almost nowhere. Meanwhile, the Arab-run parts remain pretty much as arid and worthless as they ever were, only more crowded.

There’s a whole host of reasons why that happened, but those “thieving” Jews A) didn’t steal anything and B) are only barely responsible for your woes.

A Western grownup would assess the situation and realize that it’s time to change his ways. A loser crybully straps on a suicide vest and — well, you know the rest.

I wouldn’t have used “only barely” for “not at all”, but that’s a minor quibble.

However, I haven’t read the Hamas Style Guide recently, but “loser crybully” is now apparently the accepted alternative to “worthless Arab asshole”.

Duly noted.

Alternative Targets

We all saw how the foul Biden “Administration” tried to deport a (White, Christian) couple back to Germany for the supposed “crime” of homeschooling their children.

If they’re all fired-up about deporting people, how about this crowd?

As warnings of possible Islamic terrorist attacks within the U.S. intensify, a resurfaced clip shows hundreds of American children from the heart of Texas chanting references to Iran’s supreme leader and pledging allegiance to him, while praising martyrdom.

Note that I’m simply suggesting that we should deport this entire bunch of kiddie terrorsymps (and their parents, who are surely to blame for this nonsense) over to Iran, as opposed to granting them their wish for martyrdom.

For their own good, of course;  surely they’d be much happier under the benevolent rule of Khameini back in Shi’a-land, rather than having to endure the hardship of life in Texas?

In the meantime, we could revoke the citizenship of any and all of those who became such, either by naturalization or by birth.

Odds of any of this happening:  zero.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the range for a little shooting practice, just in case any of those little assholes or their parents are tempted to bring their shit up to north Texas.

Schadenböner Alert

You would have to have a heart of stone not to pee yourself laughing at this one, and I don’t:

Several Harvard University students came out quickly after Saturday’s terrorist attacks in Israel to blame Israelis for the carnage and support Hamas.

Public scrutiny fell on these individuals and now many appear to regret their pro-Hamas position.

The Harvard Arab Alumni Association has reportedly put out a statement requesting aid for the students whose first reaction was to stand in solidarity with the terrorists who raped, killed, captured, and decapitated innocent civilians.

”They may require legal counsel, healthcare, mental health support, financial aid, or mentorship to navigate these turbulent and uncertain times,” the statement reads.

The Harvard Arab Alumni Association has expressed concern for the students’ “immigration status and future career prospects.”

Deport those who qualify, and put the rest on food stamps for, oh, the next twenty years.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to attend to my clothing.

News Roundup — Special Glueball Jihate Edition

...[insert circumcision joke here]

And now in the “No Man Should” Department:

...with all the enthusiasm the Biden Administration has showed in protecting our borders… okie-dokie.

...and nobody is surprised.


...because having solved all Seffrica’s current problems, he now wants to end all foreign investment in his shithole country.

...now use them.  Oh wait, I forgot:  Macron.

...♫ ♪  old times there am not forgotten  ♪ ♫ ♪...

Back Home:

...wait, I’m getting confused.  Does he mean that Angry Parents© are going to jihad now?

In the Unintentional Hilarity / Irony Department:


...wait;  aren’t those the hospitals whose basements house the Hamas rocket factories and arsenals?

...excellent... BUT WAIT!

you lost me at “captured Hamas terrorist”.

...alive or dead, she’ll still vote Democrat in the next election.  And speaking of liberal New Yorkers:

...guess there were a few MSNBC viewers who were also Jewish? [/snark]


And in the special Jihad Comic Section:

...who she?  Well… some Lebanese chick who went into porn:


Hmmm… not sure that’s a disincentive to jihad, but whatever.

But as my Tribe friends all say:

Two Solutions

Several people have written to me to ask why I haven’t commented on the Iranian-backed Hamas attack / invasion of Israel — especially as I’ve long been a strong supporter of both Israel and my Tribe friends.

Frankly, I’ve been thinking about the situation, and devising some kind of suggested response that would be appropriate for Israel.

There are, as the title for this post suggests, two solutions for Israel to consider.  The first is simple.

Set aside your inherent loathing of ethnic cleansing.  I know, I know:  Hitler tried to do just that to Jews (and look where it got him), and ever since then Jews (and their parent state Israel) have recoiled from any idea of doing the same to people who hate them and want them destroyed.  Let’s clear up a couple of misconceptions first.

Firstly, clearing out the entire Gaza Strip (destroying all their buildings — every last one) and killing any Arab who tries to resist is not “ethnic” cleansing, in its purest sense, because there is no genetic difference between Arabs and Jews:  they’re both Semitic, genetically speaking.

Secondly, what the wholesale destruction of Gaza and its inhabitants represents is not therefore anything other than a military operation of retaliation — retaliation against an indiscriminate slaughter of Israelis (and, lest we forget, a whole bunch of non-Israelis as well).  To allow this “Palestinian” state to exist and continue to be a threat to Israeli citizens would be a complete failure of a government whose primary (some would say sole) duty is to protect those same citizens.

I’m not interested in people who wail that innocent Palestinians would be killed in such an operation, because there are no “innocent Palestinians” — witness the celebrations of these Arabs not just in the Middle East but worldwide over the slaughter of, ahem, innocent Israelis.  They don’t consider any Israelis to be innocent, so why should you treat them any differently?  Hell, the Hamas terrorists use their own civilians as shields against retaliation, relying on the Israelis’ reluctance to kill innocent people;  if that’s how they regard civilians, why should anyone else care about them?

To go from the specific retaliation to a broader one:  Hamas must be destroyed:  its leadership, its followers, its bases of operation and, most importantly, its support structure.

Which means taking on Iran.  I leave that to the Israeli military to pick the options here, but other than the obvious ones (destroying Iran’s nuclear infrastructure and killing the Iranians tasked with supporting Hamas), Israel should start a wholesale destruction of Iran’s oil apparatus:  the oilfields, the refineries, the ports and oil export infrastructure, the lot.  No Iranian money, no Hamas.  It’s that simple an equation.

All that comprises only the first of the two solutions of the title of this piece.  Here’s the Second [sic].

We are all accustomed to seeing pictures of off-duty Israeli soldiers walking around with their rifles slung.

However, it should be remembered that these are active-duty soldiers, not ordinary civilians.

In fact — and this is their dirty little secret — it’s almost impossible for civilian Israelis to get to own guns, any guns, for their own protection.  It is, to my mind, the single-largest failure of the Israeli government:  not having an equivalent of our Second Amendment.

In essence, what the Israeli government is saying is:  “Leave your protection to us, and to our Defense Force.”

The recent attack on a music festival (i.e. a civilian event with, it should be noted, no Army presence) should end that little charade right there in its tracks.  Or, as we Americans would put it, “When seconds count and the police are minutes away.”  The IDF’s immediate response to the Hamas invasion was quick (bit not quick enough), but neither decisive nor concerted.

Here’s another little event which happened at the same time as the invasion:

Hamas militants terrorists indiscriminately gunned down civilians and took control of a police station in a small Israeli city in Saturday’s surprise offensive.

Sderot, home to 30,000 people, was one of the first settlements to come under attack by the Hamas militants, who moved through the city shortly after dawn.

Using motorbikes, pickup trucks, motorised gliders and speed boats, more than 1,000 fighters streamed into Israel – targeting cities including Ashkelon, Ofakim and Sderot – in an attack that caught authorities completely off-guard.

Harrowing footage of the assault captured by survivors has since emerged, showing how the heavily armed assailants rode into the city on the back of pick-up trucks, killing dozens of civilians before besieging and ultimately seizing its police station.

Note that they were essentially unopposed while they played their little reindeer games and did not come under fire until after the game was played out — the IDF plowed down the police station and crushed these “militants” to death in the rubble — but it was too late for those unfortunate civilians shot at before.  Take a look at this pic:

I’ll bet that there’s not a single gun among these alte kakers, although all of them are of an age where they could have fought in the Yom Kippur War of 1973.  To deny these men their right to self-defense, to not allow them to be armed while they play their peaceful little board game, is to turn them into potential victims of Hamas terrorists.

The Israeli government should, with immediate effect, allow civilians to purchase and possess whatever guns they wish, and carry them as they go about their daily business.

Yes, there may be the occasional accident or even homicide — just as we tragically experience here in the U.S. — but the greater good is, if anything, even greater in Eretz Yisrael  than it is here.  Otherwise, there’s going to be a whole lot more of this:

…and it will all be entirely the fault of the government.

Get it done, Izzies.