Schadenböner Alert

You would have to have a heart of stone not to pee yourself laughing at this one, and I don’t:

Several Harvard University students came out quickly after Saturday’s terrorist attacks in Israel to blame Israelis for the carnage and support Hamas.

Public scrutiny fell on these individuals and now many appear to regret their pro-Hamas position.

The Harvard Arab Alumni Association has reportedly put out a statement requesting aid for the students whose first reaction was to stand in solidarity with the terrorists who raped, killed, captured, and decapitated innocent civilians.

”They may require legal counsel, healthcare, mental health support, financial aid, or mentorship to navigate these turbulent and uncertain times,” the statement reads.

The Harvard Arab Alumni Association has expressed concern for the students’ “immigration status and future career prospects.”

Deport those who qualify, and put the rest on food stamps for, oh, the next twenty years.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to attend to my clothing.


  1. Oh ……it gets better. Currently there is a billboard truck circulating Harvard Square with a headline line that reads Harvard’s Leading Antisemites.

    And a number of firms have said they will not be hiring Harvard and Stanford Grads without a full review of their student activities. It seems the students are protesting that as well. Apparently in all those fancy classes no one told these entitled fools that actions have consequences because for most of these snowflakes they never did before.

  2. These are supposed to be the smartest kids in the country. They should reap what they sow in terms of no job prospects for their bad judgement. This wasn’t a lapse this was just plain bad judgement. Get your Karma Crimson, you arrogant imbeciles earned every bit of it

    I heard a truck drove around Harvard Square flashing pictures of the Harvard students who support Hamas and other terrorists. Good! We need this in Berkley and NYC as well


  3. The universities are feeling the impact as well. A number of regular donors to the very large endowments are saying they will cancel their scheduled donations unless the schools clean up their acts and fire a bunch of these radicals.

  4. For people who believe the joos are diabolical enough to put baby blood in Mazzah, they’re shockingly ignorant about the consequences of actions against the same.

  5. So, every time the Muslim terrorists beat up and kill the Jews, it’s all the fault of the Jews?
    These are the same people who will tell everyone to not ask why a wife or girlfriend stays with a violent man and gets beaten up repeatedly, because that’s “Blaming the Victim”, which is streng Verboten in Leftist Circles.

    But we can’t expect reason and accountability in the minds of Leftists. For that matter we can’t expect consistency or adult thought from them. And this is why potential employers who will be spending upwards of $100,000 k per year on the people who were outed as anti-Semites want to know their names. $100,000 is too much to pay per year for people who think like children when you’re hiring them to be adults.

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