Nothing Wrong

I see this headline, and I just chuckle — snigger, even:

Fury as ‘Hamas-style’ headbands and ‘From the River to the sea’ T-shirts on sale on Etsy and Amazon

In the first place, we have that inconvenient First Amendment thing (although I know this is about Britishland, where the “hate speech” thing is well-rooted — see “Expressing support for Hamas, a proscribed terrorist organisation, is a criminal offence in the UK.”).

And secondly, I have no problem with these little tits wearing said headbands, because it makes things a lot easier, so to speak:

…and my freedom to publish this is protected by that very same inconvenient First Amendment.

Just sayin’.


  1. Ya gotta wonder about the intellectual horsepower of people that run around wearing shit that can prompt others to beat their asses. Are they really that stupid?

    1. Why, yes. I do honestly believe they ARE that stupid. Consider some of the other things they believe: free college educations, solar and wind will power the world, fair and honest Democrat-run elections, Arizona Cardinals are a professional football team. It’s either a result of the drugs they’re taking or inbreeding.

      1. Without question they are that stupid.
        The laws protect me, but not thee.
        As my friend in High School and I used to say, “Cosmic, man, Cosmic.”
        That and the saying attributed to Dr. Albert Einstein,
        “There are two things that are infinite. The Universe, and Human Stupidity, and I’m not sure about the Universe.”

  2. Remember Bill Englvall’s routine about here’s your sign for stupid people? If not, check it out it might be on youtube. Here it is in action.


  3. You’re correct, as long as they are smart enough to not promote those products to people in countries where hamas (e.g.) is outlawed.
    And I somehow doubt their algorithms are smart enough to do that, seeing as I regularly get stuff in my Etsy recommendations that can’t ship to where I live, and even more that alarmingly can ship to where I live but would get me arrested were it to be intercepted by customs (think for example weapons and chemicals legal where shipped from but illegal to own here).

    1. You’d think the police power in the places where it can’t be shipped legally would watch and be able to do some sort of sting similar to Felix Dzershinsky and the Trust in the 1920’s.
      Gather all dissenters under one one organization controlled by the Cheka so once the agents cross the border into the Soviet Union the Cheka can be waiting. It’s similar to Price, aka Preissinger or Preisshoffer in Stalag 17 who was able to worm his way into the Escape Committee so that everything Big X knew, he would know, and he’d pass the date and time of the escape on to the Ferrets for interception.
      Thankfully they aren’t that organized yet.

  4. Free speech is an integral component of the Identification Friend or Foe system.

    Remember kids: the adversary is most vociferous when they think they’re comfortably winning.

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