Certain Truths

Over the past couple of days, I’ve seen a couple of things on the Knuckledragger’s website that just make me nod my head at the truth of them.  Here’s the first, which I’d actually seen before — with a caption:

The caption?

“Every time I see this gif, all I can think about is:  child molesters.”

The other one, which also holds universal wisdom, is less radical but sage nevertheless:

Is there a man alive who would go rummaging around in his wife’s or girlfriend’s bag?  Speaking for myself, I just hold the bag as in the pic, and hand it over without saying a word.

When asked why, I make a flippant remark like “I thought I heard some hornets buzzing around in there”, or “No no no, there are things with sharp teeth in there”.

And you know what?  I don’t think I’m wrong, either.

No man should.


  1. Two things;

    About two years after I stopped being embarrassed to dig through my wife’s purse when she wanted something for it, she stopped using a purse. Make of that what you will.

    And I understand the impulse behind the child molester comment, but I can’t help but remember the people thrown into prison by the Day Care Abuse hysteria. The evidence against them was so much codswallop, and we the reading public only found that out years later. Frankly the prosecutors should be in prison right now (looking at YOU, Janet Reno) along with some of the ‘child advocates’ involved.

  2. Apparently I am married to a Treasure Among Women. My wife carries a medium-sized purse containing a pocketbook, two small wrap-up cosmetic kits, car keys, and NOTHING ELSE. No half-eaten snack bars, no extra panty hose, no loose hair brush, no mini hair dryer, no hairspray, no dogeared unread novel, no leftover fried chicken, power tools, or automatic weapons (OK, sometimes a semiautomatic weapon).

  3. In 40 years together I’ve never had the need to get into my wife’s purse. Other than her wallet and phone I have no idea what’s in it nor do I care.

    I don’t think she’s been into may wallet neither but if she has she was most likely bored to death. No rubbers, no fuk pix, just a few bux and a few cards and a spare vehicle key.

  4. I’ll get her phone for her, because it had its own little compartment right by the opening. Other than that would be as depicted.

    Mark D

  5. If I rummaged through her purse, my hands would get lost despite being attached to my wrists. It’s your purse you rummage through that mess.

    I understand Schofield’s hesitation to immediately stop the recidivism of pedos and rapists but once enough evidence has been presented, review the case by another panel of judges then toss the perv into the machine feet first.


  6. I was taught that a gentleman does not dig in a ladies purse, ever. (Maybe an emergency- like needs an inhaler or whatever).

    The flip side is that a lady should never ask you to do so.

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