Saturday Easy Listening

Here’s a compilation of Luigi Boccherini’s Cello Concertos — three hours or so — and it is wonderful listening.  Boccherini’s music is more Rococo than Baroque or Romantic (well, I think so) and is therefore much lighter listening than, say, Haydn or Beethoven.  Here’s a simple bio of the man himself, if you are unfamiliar with him or his works.

And unlike the works of his Baroque contemporaries, it makes for great background music, being neither too busy nor too dense.

Enjoy — I have, several times before.

Not An Earworm

But… just brilliant.  Quite possibly the best performance of this piece ever, in terms of its individual virtuosity, the timing and pacing and the superlative mix of the instruments — thank you, Maestro Slatkin.  And Miss Khatia ain’t too bad, either.

The best 20 minutes you’ll spend all day.