1. That’s my signature karaoke song! I once sang it at this bar over in Mission Hills in San Diego, and the KJ said to me, “Nobody does that song!” I said, “I do!”

  2. Great song, for a short while she was everywhere.

    Sensational backing band.

    That video looks really dated.

  3. Good heavens, we have some music tastes in common, which frightens and amazes me.

    Smooth Operator is a super tune and one of the greatest Rumba pieces ever. Rather than your dull link, consider this one http://tinyurl.com/3xv5559x, featuring an Olde Pharte dancing as I would, with a babe, which my wife would not allow.

    I can dance that routine as well as the old bald bugger, and shall.

    Question: When you played in a band did you understand what music was danceable, and why, and what were the rhythms and timing of the major dances? Our experience is that bands today can be excellent musicians but when faced with a request to play a tango, ask”What’s that”.

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