Modern Classic Beauty

Here’s a modern-day totty who could have fit into the Classic Beauty section, were she not young.  Allow me to introduce you to Yvonne Catterfeld:

“Now Kim,” you ask, “she’s very pretty;  but how can you say she’d qualify as Classic Beauty?”

‘Nuff said.

As to how I stumbled upon her, there’s a clue hidden in tomorrow’s Classic Beauty post… and an explanation as to why she would qualify.


  1. During supper last night we watched an episode of the TV show “Riverboat” from the late 50’s and the guest star was “Arlene Dahl”, never heard of her before nor had I seen anything she had been in. Man what a looker – she checked all the boxes. Something about them gurlz in that era that just strikes a chord with me. The way they looked, the way they carried themselves, the way the seemed real.

  2. And Yvonne was slated to play Romy Schneider in the film “A Woman Like Romy” to be produced by Warner Bros. in 2009 (that was never made).

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