That Pesky Constitution Thing

I know that all the Kool Kidz (i.e. the Biden Administration and the Deep State) seem to treat the Constitution as a minor annoyance, to be brushed aside whenever it gets in the way of whatever ghastly thing they’re doing to fuck America over.

Of course, that might cut both ways, in this case when it comes to that pesky part that says that only U.S.-born people can become President.  (Lest we get any ideas:  amongst other things, it prevents me from running for President, which really is A Good Thing.)

But tell me that you don’t get feelings of longing when you realize that this guy is also prevented from becoming Our Guy:

Argentinian President Javier Milei is continuing his effort to shrink the size of the country’s government. Under his leadership, the government recently cut yet another pound of regulatory flesh from Argentina’s economy.

On Monday, it was reported that the state pushed forth another deregulation package in an effort to free up more of the nation’s market by getting rid of “Soviet resolutions.”

I just came over all tingly.  None of that “Add one, subtract two” of the First Trump Presidency:  this guy’s just chainsawing the whole fucking regulatory thicket out of existence.

Every time I see what Milei’s doing, I feel the need for a cigarette.  And I don’t even smoke.