Gratuitous Gun Pic: James Crockhart & Son Double (.450 BPE)

As any fule kno, I am not an aficionado of the black-powder firearms genre, but that doesn’t mean I am averse to pics of same.  This particular beauty was made in the late 19th century — which is very definitely a period of history in which I am interested if not actually addicted to — and I love it.

As the action suggests, this is not a muzzle loader — by then, we’d definitely moved on to brass cartridges [snort of derision from Reader Mr. Lion et al.]  even though smokeless powder had not yet become a thing.  Had I access to a friendly reloader who could make me the ammo necessary, I would jump at it just for the historical sense alone.

Here’s a thought, however, if you didn’t want to shoot this fine old gun.

If you were looking for a piece of wall art — say, for over your house’s mantle piece — and you had a budget of around $12,000 for such an indulgence, would you consider this rifle over a contemporary painting?  Here are a couple of examples of what I’m talking about, by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot:

I have to tell you, I would be torn.

And I apologize if this discussion makes you want to run to the nearest gun store (or art gallery) and buy something.  (See the above two posts for the implication.)


  1. Our mantle is large and currently has 2 framed original pieces of art displayed, so I don’t see this as an either/or proposal.

    I’d mount the painting right in the middle and then the double pipe bomb right above it.

  2. I like the art you posted; the paintings and the shotgun.

    C’mon Spring!! hurry up and get here! I have targets that need punching with lead.

  3. I would totally pick the rifle, but the spousal unit would veto it in a heartbeat. (Some crap about “Happy wife, happy life.”)

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